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Arlo Mount/Arlo Pro Mount(2 Pack, Metal), BFYTN Security Camera Review


Since the last decade, Arlo has been the leading the market of a security camera. Arlo products help you to look after what you love from every possible angle indoor and outdoor in day or night. And if you have a similar product like that you need a compatible mount to fix it to ceiling or wall. Thats where NETGEAR brings you the best from the market at an affordable price.

Its essential to choose an ideal mount for your security camera because most of the security cameras are installed in the open air to get a perfect view for which the hold should be tight to keep it there in place. You must remember the sort of problems we need to face when the original mount from the camera gets broken, and the price of the same from the market is not at all affordable.

There where the adjustable indoor/outdoor mount from NETGEAR which fits it perfectly with almost all CCTV cameras comes to play. The shape and size are so well designed that no one can even notice that it is not of the one integrated part from the original Arlo Mount/ Arlo Pro Mount. Sometimes we dont care about the mount and let it be broken because the camera keeps working. And yeah we negotiate our self about the view and angle. The whole range of chaos started when the camera slips and gets broken. A pretty affordable price of the mount now increases multiple times because of the cost of the camera.

So why not to take precautions before things slip out of hand and replace your broken mount with the brand new adjustable indoor/outdoor mount for CCTV, security cameras and other compatible models. NETGEAR has been in this business for a while now, and all the consumers who have used these company products are pretty happy with it. You can list the numerous positive reviews about the overall product. The company manufacture authentic products. Every product that crosses the custom line is purely original, and it comes with company guarantee that it would meet all your expectations.

Gone are the days when people only want to buy the product from the original company, now you can keep trust in companies like NETGEAR who has a trademark which means it only sells the authentic product to market. And a company which prepares only veritably original mounts for comprehensive range models from Arlo to many security and CCTV camera you can defiantly put your trust in it.

Also, the product grabs a pretty decent rank in the survey of Surveillance Housing and Mounting Brackets.

The camera isnt solely designed for Arlo/Arlo Pro it also has taken into consideration the other security CCTV cameras as well. But as Arlo/Arlo Pro has a standard interface, it is chosen to be the base interface of the product. To give you a clear idea, let me highlight the important features of the mount.


DURABILITY- If you are buying an additional mount from the market that indicates your old mount is broken or found defective. You don't want to make a mistake again. Your primary desire would be one which is tough and can run for ages without giving you a headache.

Not only for Arlo/Arlo Pro but also many different security cameras NETGEAR produce a mount which is highly resistant to any climatic environment. Mostly the cameras are installed in a certain angle according to security need to focus on the area of concern any tilt of the mount would mess up the whole thing.

Keeping that in mind, the adjustable indoor/outdoor mount is so well designed that it gets attached to the ceiling/wall and provides the full accuracy in your footage.

Apart from that, the outer body of the product is made of stainless metals which are hundred per cent rust-resistant. On constant exposure to air, moisture, humidity could quickly initiate chemical reactions over the body of the product, but thats not going to happen with NETGEAR products which are oxidation resistance as well. The outer shape of the product is made of aluminium alloy, which eliminates any chance of rust or oxidation.

METAL MOUNT FOR ARLO OR ARLO PRO No matter where you want to install the Arlo / Arlo Pro Security camera it fits in it with ease. It gets adapted equally to both indoor or outdoor wall even ceiling. Its a very versatile product which adjusts to almost all security cameras without any difficulty.

Along with that, the product is compact and very object-oriented design. It looks nice and beautiful in attaching the mount to the wall.

No matter the mount plays a minimal role in full CCTV security cameras, but if the mount isnt rigid, it could ruin the entire thing. So the mount provides security to the camera.

A PACK WITH EVERYTHING- The product comes with beautiful white metal finish, and perfect whitish colour. The 7.2 ounces product box includes two highly durable camera mount, six screws which are of ideal size to go with the mount and six wall plug to grip the screws tightly to remove the last doubt of stability of the product. The item weighs about 1.5 ounces.

EASY TO INSTALL- Like almost all the accessories needed to fit the mount with the wall or ceiling no matter indoor or outdoor is already given in the box, which sums up the installation to be very simple. Make three holes equidistance from each other in a triangular fashion to set up the mount, which can be quickly done by a driller. Lock up the holes with wall plug then put the mount over it and tighten the screws over the other side. It would hardly take 10 minutes to affix the mount to wall or ceiling and putting the Arlo/Arlo pro or CCTV camera over it, and adjusting wont take more than an hour. You can easily do it all by yourself.

ANY ANGLE ADJUSTABLE Theres a free rotation given on the top of the product where the camera is installed. The mount allows flexible 360-degree swivel to the camera along with that it also provides a free end to tilt to as much as 90 degrees. Adjusting the camera with the mount is a hell of a task, but NETGEAR makes it simple along with that its all-round rotation would allow you to focus where ever you are suspicious about. The company lives the liberty all to your hand about adjusting the camera.

As most of its product is prepared taking way too much of caution, the customs line is so well set up that it checks and recheck and only forward the product which is true to its shape, size and quality

But apart from so much care sometimes one or two products are accidentally found defective, don't worry, the company is ready to take care of it as well. The product comes with a warranty for one whole year. You can report your problems from the site you ordered of you can also reach the company through their customer care number.


The adjustable Arlo/ Arlo Pro camera mount from NETGEAR which is also compatible with many CCTV and security cameras has made the day to day expenses cheap, and now you don't need to search from store to store for the company product. Instead, you would get the whole package to deliver right to your doorstep with all the necessary tools needed to fix the camera. When a company provides you with the same degree of durability style and features then why get worried for. Firstly its incredibly durable and so sturdy that neither sun nor rain could do any damage to it. As the product is combined with aluminium alloy for which it gives it to rust and oxidation resistant. The hard metal alloy can be installed indoor/outdoor or to the ceiling/wall. The looks stylish and finish is so good that it ultimately goes with the camera. As soon as the product arrives home or office or somewhere else it can be easily installed to it. Most of the camera mounts fitted to outdoor poles face a problem of breakage, but the NETGEAR mounts are strong enough to withstand any conditions. If you are looking for something that NETGEAR should be your pick. The mount perfectly adjusts to any given angle due to its 360-degree swivel.

Most of the companies dont produce a 360-degree rotation; hence, they restrict the safety to certain limited aspects, but NETGEAR wants to ensure full security of your homes or office. Every house that has Arlo/Arlo pro or any CCTV camera must buy this mount to fit their camera because it gives a free hand to it and doesnt negotiate with the security. Through this mount, the camera can peek any remote street through its 90-degree tilt. Each and everything one needs to install the product comes with the package itself. No more roaming on the streets searching for hardware stores to find the perfect screw or wall plug size. A single pack comes with two camera mounts and all the accessories that are needed to fit the two camera mounts to the wall or ceiling which could inside or outside. Most of the people replace their local market mount with the NETGEARs premium mount because the product is promising and trustworthy. The production line of the company is so well settled that it makes mostly perfect products which are free from any defects; basically, NETGEAR wants to deliver best to the market at a low price. Alongside that, the company also offers one year of warranty on the product.


how to mount arlo camera

If you want to purchase the best from the market that perfectly fits your Arlo/Arlo pro camera or CCTV surveillance camera or any other security camera of compatible NETGEAR has bought an excellent product right from its factory. Its a trustworthy company whos the product you can rely on. The original Arlo/Arlo PRO camera mount is very costly, and any defect detected would cost you large bucks in your pocket, and a company that produces who range of products starting from home and security appliances don't care about the mount because that comes in their least priority. But on the other hand company like NETGEAR who has taken the market by producing the only mount of the camera prepares it with utter care and put efforts in its product which big companies like Arlo doesn't care.

Why NETGEAR has taken the mount business to the next level is their commitment to perfection, which they havent failed lately. The companies concern for the customer is pretty evident. Recently the company claims that its product is compatible with almost all security or CCTV cameras. In case you arent satisfied with your current camera and want to replace it with something new from the market then your extra burden on the mount is lifted.

The metal alloy of aluminium is decided after lots of discussions the reason is pretty simple, to create a durable product and that must not fear to any climatic changes adding to that the product must be rust and oxidation resistant.

Its design and outer finish that attracts most people towards it. The deep white colour body leaves no doubt that whether the product is of the companys original or not people do believe its a genuine product. The mount is a must buy because of its 360-degree adjusting nature for which you can keep an eye on any angle you want to as it has flexible rotation towards all side. After reading the above points, I think you would make the right decision. Set a list of what you want from the adjustable wall/ceiling or indoor/outdoor CCTV or security mount look whether the qualities are enlisted the description which I'm pretty sure they are. The product might be cheap, but the company havent compromised even a bit with its outcome.

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