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iTouchless Bio-Matic Fingerprint Door Lock Review


Nowadays, with so much busy lifestyle, everyone scared about the safety of the belongings and the family members. Everyone especially the persons who are living alone away from the family or the families who are living together but every member of the family has to go for attending the office or for doing the routine life work. Every one scared about the home and the safety of the belongings placed inside the apartments. Everyone has the safety cameras installed with so many features at pot side and inside the houses, but somewhere there is no such type of security they can provide. Cameras are used just for monitoring and watch the moments which are happened or recorded through the camera. What happens if you have installed all these things at home but when you go out of the home you forget to lock the door? In that case, anyone can enter the house and cam stolen your essential things from home. What if getting the system which can be open just by you. In today's era of biometric scanners, everything has smart locks, and even your smartphone can open with your biometric fingerprint impressions. Biometric enabled is the quick locking function, which is the most reliable technology for saving the belongingness within the chamber or within the house even. This technology can be used indoors as well to make the doors smart, which can open only with your biometric impressions. Is it possible? Yes, it is possible.

Let us introduce you the product which can make your door smart even smarter by allowing the doors not only open the door with the fingerprint scan but also by serving other features as well. So here is the product which can make it possible to have the safe and smart doors of your home with smart technology.

The product is "iTouchless Bio-Matic Fingerprint Door Lock."

Introduction: - Let us introduce this product. This product is a unique innovation by engineers with consideration of the safety of the home or other applications where it is going to fit according to need. It works based on fingerprint scanner technology, and your biometrics are the key to unlock the door with this handle. It is the handle which can fit in the door where you want to install it with its simplicity and fitment work. It has a total of three options which can be used to open the door by unlocking this door handle. This product can be replaced with your standard locks which are currently fit in the doors. There is no need to call the technician to make the arrangements to meet the handle in the door. This product comes with the standard installations features so it can fit easily and anyone can fit it just with a "Philips" shaped screwdriver. Its simplicity is attracting to buying the product and to use it. It gives the feature of keyless entry as well. It has two backup keys as well so that you can use in case of an emergency which can be related to its batteries as well as related to another fault. Ad this is a machine so it can have some troubles as well, but this the most lovable and reliable product to use for the safety of your belongings.
itouchless stainless steel bio-matic fingerprint deadbolt door lock

Construction:- Till now, you start thinking about the products, and surely you are thinking that product has a critical and challenging structure and having the heavy parts in it. But hold down as discussed earlier as well this product is an innovative product which derived for various applications and it has the uniqueness in its construction. Even it serves you with best features and gives you three options to open the door. It has very smooth functioning, and it has the features which allow you to keep safe your belongings. Products deliver a variety of functionality, but it is designed so beautifully, which make it beautiful and simple to use. It has the parts such as a screen for scanning the biometric, batteries installer, silver-coated material, water resistance feature which enables it to fit for outdoor applications as well. It is designed to store up to 150 different fingerprints, Passcode storage up to 78 different types and backup keys. Its installation is also straightforward anyone can install it with the use of screwdriver only. Now you do not need to worry about members of family or materials and belongings placed in the custody of this handle lock.

Features of the product: - It has the list of the unique features which make it a unique and straightforward product. Features listed as which make it attractive and valued commodity.

1.Allows you to unlock the door with a biometric fingerprint scanner. You need to scan the finger to unlock doors.

2.It can also be open to enter the Passcode as well.

3.It can store fingerprint data up to 150 different fingerprints. It can save the data up to 78 Passcode and has the backup keys.

4.It also has a feature named as passage mode. It allows you to unlock remains unlock the door until it is desired.

5.Its design is beautiful, which enables it to water resistance and a sliding cover to protect the fingerprint scanner.

6.It is easy to install without any extra drilling required. It can be replaced with existing door handles of the doors.

7.It can lock the handle by default when the door is shut.

8.It requires simple four no AA type batteries to operate.

9.It warns with an audible alarm whenever batteries foes down.

10.Its design allows the backup when cells go down that means you do not need to add fingerprints again when replacing the batteries.

11.You can add or delete the personal data right from the scanner.

12.Its optical scanner 560 DPI ensures quick and reliable fingerprint authentications.

13.It has high-grade, durable sensors which functionally perform well during the use of them.

How to use iTouch Bio Matic Fingerprint Door Lock: - To use this product there are three methods which can apply to use for its functions a.With Fingerprint Scanner: - You can use your biometric fingerprints to unlock the handle. You can store fingerprint data of 150 different biometrics which allows it to permit to open the handle only those persons who have to enter the fingerprints in the handle storage. It will enable you to store the 150 different fingerprint data which can be your family members or who can know to you and you authorize them to unlock the handle.
itouchless bio-matic fingerprint door lock instruction manual

With Passcode Method: - You can enter the Passcode to unlock the handle as well. It has the storage of the 78 different Passcode which can be store and use to open the handle. The Passcode is also unique and known to you and your relatives or to whom you authorized to operate the handle whenever required to do so.

Critical Method:- Besides it has the features to scan the fingerprint and unlocking with the Passcode as well it has the option to unlock with the help of key. Sometimes battery goes down then you can use the keys to open the door by unlocking the handles. It comes with two unique designed keys, which helps you to keep safe as it was safe with other features.

Operations are working: - This product is as simple in its construction and straightforward in its installations. It is also simple in its operating procedure. This product is unique and has a simple way to use and unlock the handles. Whenever you come to your home or need to open the door. Its installed then you need to remove the scanner cover and place your figure on the scanner. The scanner scans the biometric and checks the authorization with stored data. Its data authorized with the scanned biometrics then it open the handle, and when you enter inside the room, it will again lock the handle when the door shut off. When you are enabling to scan the fingerprints, you can add the Passcode for unlocking the handle. Even you can use the keys also to open the handle. Its simple operations and construction make this product light and easy to use during the need. Besides, it enables you to use 'it's another feature known as "Free Passage." It means handle remains in unlocked position until you are using the passage or until you are not shut the door to the closed position. Whenever you need to need to enter the new biometrics or even Passcode, you will have to enter a Passcode in the data to unlock the edit feature. By entering the master code, you will be allowed to delete the data or enter the new data in the device to update the data. It will make it a beneficial tool, and features are performing well during its usage.

To give the power to the scanner, it has the provision of installing the batteries. The standard AA size 4 Number batteries can be used to give it power for its operation. You no need to bother about the lower power of batteries when the batteries downs gradually it starts giving you the alarm so that you can replace the batteries. It uses the alarming Method as giving you a beep alarm when batteries power goes down.

Conclusion: - So it is understandable from the above that product has features which make you feel safe about your relatives, family members. This product serves you like the security guards for your doors and houses. It gives you options to choose from which you can use to unlock the handles. This product is engineered well to serve its applications in various usages. It is as simple to use so it can be used by every age groups of person they need to enter. And fill the details in its database to makes allow to use the handle. Product is durable and serves you with its long life, which secured with its feature of waterproofing. With its ability to operate in the various temperature range from -4 deg to 140 deg F. It is a reliable product, which you can use for lifelong until you want to use it.

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