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Ring 8AB1S7 0EU0 Rechargeable Battery Pack Review


This Ring Quick-release Battery pack has been made to enhance the utility of several other products. Itworks with Ring Video Doorbell 2, Door View Cam, Stick Up Cam Battery, and Spotlight Cam Battery.Itis a Lithium-Ion battery with the specifications of 3.65 Volt, 6040 mAh and 22.046 Wh, which makes it a very high capacity battery. It has a quick-release clip which makes the removal of the pack from the camera very easy when you need to charge it. There is a dual battery compartment system in the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery, but it only comes with a single battery when it is bought. If you add an extra battery, you will be essentially doubling the battery life of the camera.

Charging: When you buy the battery pack either online or from a local store, you get a Micro USB cable with it additionally. You can able to charge the battery via USB using the wire as mentioned above. The full charging of the battery can take from 5 hours to 10 hours. This long-time difference is depended upon what kind of power supply is the USB cable connected to. If it is connected to a USB port, the time taken will be considerably longer than the time taken to charge if the USB is plugged into a wall outlet. For helping of user understand charging of the battery, there are LEDs attached on the front of the cell, which indicates its charge level. A fully charged cell will last for about 6 to 12 hours depending upon the usage or approximately 1000 events. When the battery is at a low charge, you will automatically get notification from the Ring app. It is the same app which you will use for the Spotlight Cam Battery and Rong VideoDoorbell.

If you use the Quick Release Battery Pack, you will always have additional power for the Ring Video Doorbell 2 in case if you need it. To start the charging process, connect theRing Rechargeable Battery Packto a micro USB cord and then plug the pack to the power outlet. When your battery pack in the Ring Video Doorbell 2 runs out of charge, removal of the batteries is effortless. You will need to pull off the faceplate on your Doorbell and press thequick-releasetab on the battery pack. Then just put in the second battery pack into your Ring Video Doorbell 2, place the faceplate as it was before and you are good to go again.

Get the backup power for your Ring Video Doorbell 2

  • Recharge, the battery pack with the supplied micro-USB cord
  • Change the battery pack with the help of thequick-releasetab
  • The battery pack is compatible only with the Ring VideoDoorbell2

ring rechargeable battery pack

What are the items present in the box?

  • The Ring Quick release battery (6040mAh, 3.65V, 22.046Wh)
  • A 21-inch USB cable ( on one end it has Type-A USB, and on the other end there is Micro-B USB)
  • LED manual

Main Dimensions of the Battery Pack

Weight Built-In 230mAh CR2032 Lithium Battery

Length 2.8 inch

Width 1.75 inch

Height 0.9 inch

Product Details

The rechargeable Ring Lithium Quick Release Battery pack works smoothly with the Ring Video Doorbell 2 and also the Ring Spotlight Cam that is sold separately. When you need to recharge the battery, the easy release tab will help you in a transfer without any trouble.

The advantages of using a rechargeable battery pack

The lithium-ion cell is one of the most acceptable options for portable consumer electronics. These energy sources have fast recharge cycles and high performance. That's why they are an ideal option for everyday use, automobile, various other places. Below you will find a description of some of the primary advantages of the lithium-ion battery. Read on to find out more.

Compact size

Today, the importance of compactness increases, no matter what you want to buy. We all need small devices, whether it's a cell phone, a computer, a laptop, or any other machine we use regularly.

This lithium-ion battery pack is lighter and smaller than many other rechargeable batteries available on the market. That's why they are so popular among people. Because of their small size, they are easy to transport, even if you have to buy several.

High energy density

Unlike other alternatives, this battery pack has a higher density. It is, therefore, an excellent option for all types of users. Despite its small size, this battery can store a lot of energy. Therefore, this high energy is a considerable advantage for several electronic devices andworks with Ring Video Doorbell 2, Door View Cam, Stick Up Cam Battery, and Spotlight Cam Battery.

Low self-discharge

A common problem with batteries is that they continue to discharge when they are not used. In other words, when the battery is in its drawer, it undergoes a self-discharge cycle. After a few weeks, you cannot use them without recharging. You can even usea solar panelto charge the batteries.

The good thing about this lithium-ion battery is its low discharge rate. According to one estimate, the discharge rate is 1.5% for 30 days. It means that the backup batteryhas an impressive life. Besides, its potential for use is much higher than that of the alternatives. For example, the metal and nickel hydride battery will lose 20% of its power in 30 days.

Fast charge cycle

These batteries have a fast charging cycle, unlike other alternatives. It is one of the main reasons why itworks with Ring Video Doorbell 2, Door View Cam, Stick Up Cam Battery, and Spotlight Cam Battery.Charging time is a fraction of other types of batteries.

Long life expectancy

Finally, a long life is one of the main features of this battery. You can recharge this battery a hundred times. Over time, you will notice a substantial fall in the battery capacity. In other words, after about 1000 cycles, you can lose about 30% of the storage capacity. It is essential keeping in mind that loss of ability also depends on the type and quality of the battery. For example, if you use a high-end battery type, you can enjoy full capacity even after 5,000 charge cycles. You will getextra battery lifeby using thisRing Rechargeable Battery Pack.



It is a "limited warranty" that grants you specific legal rights. You are entitled to have other rights, which vary from one jurisdiction to another. Some exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages is not allowed by proper authorities. Therefore, the limitation or exclusion under this partial warranty may or may not apply to you. Register your dated invoice; it is required for all warranty claims. Any dispute or argument concerning this limited warranty resulting from your use of the Ring products needs to resolve by final and binding bilateral arbitration, in agreement with the "Dispute Resolution" section of the Terms of Use.


For one (1) year from the time when your Ring product was purchased or one (1) year from the date of transfer of your replacement Ring product (see Section II below for more details). Ring, in its sole discretion, will repair or replace any defective part of the product or the entire product if it is found to have faulty parts or quality. Also, you will not be charged a single penny for it. This warranty applies to the original buyer and is not transferable. The ring may, at its sole discretion, perform repairs or replacements with new or renewed products or components. If the product or part requires repair and replacement is no longer available, the ring may, in its sole discretion. You need to replace this product with a similar product that has the same function.


If the damage caused by misuse, abuse or neglect (e.g., fire), acts of God (including lightning, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes or hurricanes), consumable parts (including Batteries) are the things that are not covered by this warranty. Damage caused by unauthorized service or modification of the product or any component supplied will render this warranty null and void totally. You should refrain from using such unverified services at all times. This warranty does not include reimbursement for the inconvenience caused, installation, loss of use, or service by unauthorized personnel. Also, this warranty does not cover loss, personal injury, loss of property, or general damage. This warranty and the theft protection and community care services do not apply to products that are purchased from external sellers on eBay and other online retail or wholesale markets. We strongly advise that you should never buy Ring products from an unauthorized supplier. These products can easily be used (i.e., second hand), may have certain defects, counterfeit or not designed for use in your country. Only the Ring products are covered by this warranty and do not extend to other parts, components, or devices that the customer uses along with our products.

The maximum liability of ring under this warranty is limited to the original buyer of the Ring product that is in question. This warranty expressly replaces all other warranties, implied or expressed, including all kind of guarantees. Ring LLC cannot legally abolish statutory or implied warranties, to the extent permitted by law. Then all the warranties are limited to the duration of this express limited warranty and the repair or replacement service. Some jurisdictions do not allow restrictions on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may or may not apply to you.

Repair or replacement shall only help the customer. And Ring LLC shall not be liable for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, including, but not restricted to, loss of business or benefits. Some jurisdiction does not permit the omission or limitation of incidental or substantial damages. So the above restrictions and exclusions may not apply to you.

This partial warranty gives you some specific rights. You may have additional rights under the applicable law, and this imperfect warranty does not affect these rights.


If your Ring Camera or Door View Camera is stolen at any time after your purchase, the ring will replace the stolen device at no cost to you. This protection against theft is not transferable and applies only to the first buyer. The coverage of this anti-theft protection is limited to one (1) replacement only for each Ring or View camera you have purchased. Theft protection does not apply to any product purchased from third parties on eBay and other online markets. Any claim based on the theft of your Ring Camera or Bell must be made within fifteen (15) days of the robbery. And it must include the original purchase receipt and a copy of the police report proving that you have informed the theft to the police. Failure to report the theft to the police cancels this protection against theft. So, the ring provides you with the safety and security of the product only if you follow the abiding rules.

III. How to get a service/replacement

To qualify for the limited warranty or theft protection mentioned above, contact Ring Community Technical Support at

+ 1 (800) 656-1918 (U.S.)

+ 1 (310) 929-7085 (international)

For warranty claims: Prepare to describe the product that requires service, the nature of the problem and provides proof of purchase. You must also return your existing device according to the instructions provided by the ring. The ring has no warranty obligation concerning products excluded from the warranty under the second paragraph above. The reason behind it is that the ring has reasonably determined. And the owner of this device bears all shipping costs for the return of this product to the owner. Any claim under this restricted warranty must be submitted to ring before the end of the warranty period described above. Wait fourteen (14) business days to process your warranty claim. For replacement requests: Prepare to describe the product to be replaced and a copy of the police report. Wait fourteen (14) business days to process your replacement.

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