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Ring Doorbell Existing Required Wi Fi Enabled Review


Today, can you imagine a house without adoorbell? No, isnt it? Every home gets equipped with a doorbell that helps the people residing within to understand if they have a visitor. Many calling bells sound lovely and are pleasant to the ears. Again, there are some which have an odd sound to attract the attention of the inmates.

However, there is again a flip side to it as many people tend to misuse the doorbell. There are many times when a trespasser presses the button and goes away, and you run to the door to see no one. Another possibility is the entry of some harmful intruder who can ring the doorbell, and when you open it, he may cause you some harm. Hence, to avoid these types of adverse situation, there has been the introduction of the video doorbells.

The video doorbells come in pair with a camera which gets set on the exterior walls of the house. This camera captures the visitors and helps the residents track their movement. The inmates can easily decide whether they should open the door to a particular visitor or not. Video doorbells also enhance the home security and safeguard the people residing within the house from harmful trespassers.

TheRing Video Doorbell Pro (Existing Doorbell Wiring Required) + Ring Chime, Wi-Fi-Enabled Speaker Ring Video Doorbell.It can be termed as a perfect example of a video doorbell, that will provide you advanced security to your property. It is finely built with innovative features that will leave you in awe. You will be able to monitor the total security of your home and have it at your fingertips.

Reasons to choose the Ring Video Doorbell Pro Video Doorbell

This amazingly crafted doorbell will give you a thousand reasons to install it in your house. It has got fantastic features that are totally out of the box. The latest technologies have been loaded into it to ensure that your home security gets enhanced to the greatest extent. You can keep a constant watch on your property from anywhere you want. All the video recordings can be viewed from your devices.

There are many more advantages of owning this product which we shall discuss below. This article will help you in understanding the mechanism of the doorbell in the best way possible. Therefore go through it and understand the worth of the product.

Connect to your devices very easily

This doorbell is known for its superb connectivity process. You can connect it to your Smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop andsee, hear and speak to visitors from your phone. The doorbell can get answered from anywhere without actually physically going to the door. All your smart devices, like Smartphone, tablet, desktop, and laptop, can be connected to the doorbell. When anybody presses the doorbell, then you will receive an alert on your devices.

The alerting feature makes it very easy for the inmates as they need not rush to the door always to answer the doorbell. They can quickly check out who has visited them from their device and open the door only if they feel it is necessary. It can be great if you are upstairs busy with something, and there is no one to open the door. You can check out from any of your devices which are visiting you and communicate with them through it. Thus, your extra task of running to the door always is spared.

Monitor your property in the best quality of the video

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is also capable of capturing everything in1080HD videomode. Everything seems crystal clear through the lens of the camera accompanying this doorbell. You will neither miss out a single detail of your visitor nor what is happening outside the door. All the events will get captured in high definition video quality, and you can find out quickly if there is something suspicious in your property.

This doorbell also allows the users to watch a live view of their property with a superb quality of audio and video. A crystal clear live video with perfect sound will help you in watching the movements of the visitors live as they are standing out of the door. Therefore be entirely sure with the live view if you should open the door and then only go for it.

Receive motion-activated alerts

There is a motion sensor built inside this doorbell that is capable of detecting any motion that takes place near it. If anyone presses the doorbell or triggers the motion sensor, then you will receive an alert immediately. The warning will appear in any of your devices that get connected to the bell.

It is beneficial in staying away from any suspicious people or incidents. You get alerted immediately if there is any motion and you can check out through the camera coupled with the doorbell. It also prevents the robbery of the bell as a single motion ill alert you leave aside the whole process of the theft. Any manipulation with the doorbell will alarm you of something wrong which you can view immediately.

Helps in communicating both ways

You can hear and speak to the visitors using your device. On the other end, visitors can talk and listen to you through the microphone that is installed within the doorbell. The microphone is of superb quality that allows sound to travel seamlessly. You can hear the visitor loud and clear. The same goes for the speaker of the doorbell, and the visitor will also be able to listen to you properly.

There is the feature of noise cancellation that the speaker exhibits. Therefore no matter how noisy the exterior or the interior is, you and the visitor will be able to communicate uninterruptedly. You can have your conversation through your device, and there is no need to shout to the visitor from your balcony or patio.

Connects easily with Alexa

This doorbell can be connected easily with Alexa, and you can carry out tasks by commanding it. If you want to get theLive viewof your property, then ask Alexa to turn on the screen, and you can watch it without moving from your position. The total security of your house can be controlled just by commanding Alexa. Therefore as all your other tasks are made easy with Alexa, similarly you can ease the use of this product too.

Customize the motion detector as per your requirements

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro gets equipped with an advanced motion detector that can be customized as required. You can adjust the motion zones as you feel convenient, and the most crucial parts of your property will get focused. There can be some area where you might feel the focusing is essential. Therefore set the focus of the motion detector only to that particular area and let it alert you if any suspiciousmotion is detected.
ring video doorbell vs pro

Uninterrupted power supply

There is no need for charging this battery as it can easily fit in the place of your existing doorbell. The same wiring as your old doorbell can be used with this one also. Thus the power supply remains uninterrupted as the bell is charged continuously through the power cables present there.

Four complimentary faceplates

Ring provides four complementary faceplates with this doorbell. All of them are of excellent finish and sober colors. You can set the one that goes with the exterior of your house. Changing the faceplate is also very easy and thus set the own you wish to.

Allows viewing in the nights

This doorbell is equipped withinfrared night visionwhich allows viewing in the night also. You can see the visitor even in the darkest night and keep a watch on your property. The manufacturer knows that the nights need more protection as most of the suspicions activities to take place at that time of the day. Therefore turn on the camera before going to bed and ensure that everything is perfectly fine in your property. The infrared LED will record brilliant footage even in low light.

It is also beneficial if there is a visitor late at night as you can see him or her entirely through the camera. There is no scope of any risk to open the door to some harmful intruder. When children are alone at home at night, then it will also be safe for them as they can check out properly before opening the door.
ring video doorbell pro amazon

Smooth Wi-Fi connectivity

The doorbell connects to 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz Wi-Fi exceptionally smoothly. You can connect all your wireless devices to it very quickly. Receive alerts when anybody visits you, or for any motion detected in your property very easily by connecting the doorbell to your devices via Wi-Fi. These doorbells alsowork with Alexaand so you can also connect with it through Wi-Fi.

Compatible with MAC and Windows 10 devices

You can easily connect this doorbell to your Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows devices. The latest version of Windows that is, Windows 10 is also compatible with this doorbell from Ring.

Unique protection for a lifetime

The manufacturer provides exceptional protection for the whole life with this doorbell. You get lifetime anti-theft protection with this device. If the Ring Video Doorbell Pro gets stolen from your house, you will get replaced with a completely new piece from the manufacturer. It does not matter if the bell was new or old, but you will surely get a new one. It is undoubtedly unusual and unique as you will hardly come across such policies. It also clearly indicates that there is merely any chance of this bell getting stolen as it is loaded with advanced features.
ring pro video doorbell

Technical features of the product

Height of the product

4.5 inches

Width of the product

1.85 inches

Depth of the product

0.9 inches

Recording of video


Resolution of the video recorded


Quality of the video captured

High Definition

Type of the speaker

Equipped with noise cancellation

Detector for motion


Type of the motion detector


Night vision


Quality of the LED


Connectivity of the camera


Type of network connectivity

2.4 GHz or 5 GHz Wi-Fi

Minimum speed required for uploading a video

1 MB per second

Compatible with operating systems

Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows

Notification in phone


Can work with devices

Alexa from Amazon, Ring, Google Assistant, Wink, SmartThings

Can monitor remotely


Communicating both ways


Source of power


Voltage required for installation

16 volts to 24 volts

Faceplate changing


Number of faceplates provided


Warranty provided by the manufacturer

1 year

Manufacturing brand


Product Reference name

Ring Video Doorbell Pro (Existing Doorbell Wiring Required) + Ring Chime, Wi-Fi-Enabled Speaker Ring Video Doorbell



Review from users

4 out of 5 stars amongst 15 user reviews

ring video doorbell vs pro

Salient features of the product at a glance

  • A perfect doorbell to enhance thehome security
  • Manufactured by the very trusted brand Ring which is known for its beautiful products
  • Records video at a very high quality of 1080p
  • Can get connected to all the devices like Smartphones, tablets, and computers
  • Works perfectly with Amazon Alexa
  • Sends an alert when there is a visitor
  • Have got built with an advanced motion detector
  • Whenever a person presses the bell or triggers the motion sensor then the owner gets the alert in his devices
  • Motion detection can be set according to the requirements
  • The owner can view, hear and speak to the visitors directly from his devices without opening the door
  • Power infrared night vision is enabled within the product
  • Can get installed in place of the existing doorbell
  • There are four faceplates that can get changed as per the security of the house
  • Connectivity process is made easy through Wi-Fi
  • The owner can view live footage with this doorbell
  • Allows two-way communication between the inmate of the house and the visitors
  • Comes with a lifetime anti-theft protection that will help the owner get a new piece if the existing one is stolen

Increase the security of your house with this doorbell

TheRing Video Doorbell Pro, with HD Video, Motion Activated Alerts,withEasy Installation (existing doorbell wiring required).Can be termed as the perfect doorbell that enhances the security of your house by many folds.
ring video doorbell vs pro

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