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Ring Video Doorbell Alarm Piece Review


Today, every house comes equipped with a doorbell. They allow the visitors to quickly convey the message of their arrival to the inmates of the house. The residents also get aware quickly when they have a visitor. There are many types of doorbells. The conventional ones were just the calling one. But now they are replaced with the more advancedVideo Doorbell.

Earlier you would only find the very plain and straightforward calling bells which would have a very odd sound. They were gradually replaced by the ones with a musical sound. The inmates would have some dose of entertainment when somebody would ring their doorbell. But all of these were just for the sake of letting you know that you have a visitor. There was no security factor integrated within them.

Today, when technology is advancing at a swift pace, a lot of innovation has been integrated into these doorbells also. The doorbells today are coupled with a camera that will enhance the security factor. You can see the person who has visited you and open the door only if you find it is safe. You can easily avoid intruders or some harmful person. Thieves or other criminals who used to earlier spray chloroform and captivated the person opening the door can also be prevented.

There are many video doorbells available in the market, but theRing Video Doorbell 2 + Ring Alarm 5 Piece Kitneeds a special mention. It is loaded with brilliant features that will allow you to experiment with your doorbell to the greatest extent. You can customize the whole thing as per your requirement and add the maximum amount of security to your house. With this unit installed in the home, you can surely feel a lot more protected.

Why choose Ring Video Doorbell 2 + Ring Alarm 5 Piece Kit over others?

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is undoubtedly one of the remarkable innovations from the brand Ring. You can keep a watch on all the events that are happening around your house. You can not only see who is knocking at your door but also communicate with them directly without even opening the door.

The doorbell is equipped with amazing technologies that will allow you to connect it to your devices. Therefore there is no need to get up from your seat to see the viewer, and you can watch them nicely sitting. You can record the videos over the doorbell and even share it with others. There are many other exciting features that this videoDoorbellholds for you.

This article will provide you with the inside out details if the doorbell. Go through it nicely and find out more about the exciting features of this fantastic product.

Ease of connectivity

ThisRing Video Doorbell 2exhibits the very fantastic feature of secure connectivity. You can connect this product to your Smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop very easily. There are just very few steps involved in the whole process of joining the product to your devices. On completing these steps, you can enjoy seamless monitoring of your house from your comfort zone.

Connect the doorbell to your devices and get all the updates throughout. You will be alerted in your device if you have any visitor. There is an automatic alert system that will appear on your phone, tablet, or computer. You can also answer the doorbell from your Smartphone. If you feel there is no need to open the door, then you can conveniently talk to the person through your phone sitting in your room.

High Definition Video

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is capable of producing1080HD video. It is undoubtedly a very high quality of video that will allow you to keep a constant watch on your property. You can see everything very clearly in the High Definition video. All the minute details around your property will be visibly apparent. After the whole day, when you return home, turn on the video recorded by your bell and see the happenings of the entire day.

You can also go for live video option in which you can see whatever is happening altogether live. The video and audio will be very clear and loud in your device, and you will be able to monitor anything that is happening outside your house.
differences between ring video doorbell2 and ring video pro

Equipped with a motion detector

This video doorbell is equipped with a motion detector which will enable you to detect any motion that is happening near the bell. You will get a notification alert on your Smartphone, tablet, or computer whenevermotion is detected. If anybody presses the doorbell or triggers the motion sensors that are built within the bell, then it will immediately alert you.

It is undoubtedly a great thing as there are many times when the bell may not sound aloud, and you are unable to hear. But with this feature, you will never miss out on any visitor. It is also helpful if some intruder is trying to manipulate the bell by any means. You will be alerted immediately, and you can take strict action against the situation. It means the security of your house will never be compromised.

Features both ways talking mechanism

You will get to enjoy this fantastic feature with this doorbell where you can directly communicate with your visitor. And to top it you will not have to move an inch from your position. This video doorbell from Ring allows the users to hear and speak to visitors at the door directly from their device.

There are an in-built speaker and microphone in the doorbell that makes the whole thing possible. The microphone captures your voice and transmits it to the visitor, and the speaker brings in the voice of the visitor. There is also an added benefit of noise cancellation within the system that will enable you to hear an evident and loud sound. Therefore uninterrupted conversation is guaranteed from your device without even opening the door.

Change the faceplate according to your choice

The manufacturer is caring enough to provide you with two faceplates that can be easily changed according to your preference. These complementary faceplates are different in color, and you can choose the one that will match with the security quotient of your property.
ring doorbell2 video on computer

Adjust the motion detector as required

The sensitivity of the motion detector varies from one house to another. Your home may need a higher range of sensitivity or maybe a lower one. Therefore for you, an ideal doorbell would be the one that allows adjusting the sensitivity of the sensor as per requirement. This doorbell enables the users to adjust the motion detector as required. You can easily change the sensor to a higher range or lower range as per the requirement of the security of your house.

Loaded with infrared night vision

The camera of the Ring Video Doorbell 2 is loaded with the useful feature of infrarednight vision. It means that you can quickly view if there is any visitor late at night. No matter how dark the night is, your doorbells camera will provide you with a very clear vision of the exterior. You can keep a constant watch on your property at night and detect any suspicious motion that is taking place outside.
differences between ring video doorbell2 and ring video pro

Comes with rechargeable battery pack

This doorbell has been made with the most exceptional mechanism of rechargeable battery. You can charge the battery of the doorbell without opening it or removing it from its mean position. There is a quick-release battery pack that will enable you to charge the doorbell effortlessly. Your doorbell will work smoothly forever, and there will be no need for replacing the battery. You will be able to use all the functions of the product just by recharging it with the help of the battery pack.

Have fun with the doorbell videos

There is a special offer that accompanies this doorbell from Ring that will allow you to save, review, and share the videos captured. The camera keeps on capturing videos throughout the day, and many out them are worth considering a memory. You can surely possess those video and share it with anyone you want.

Compatibility with the wonder product Alexa

This doorbell can be connected to Alexa, which can be a very beneficial thing for the user. You can control the doorbell with your voice command through Alexa. Therefore the security of your house is made extremely smooth and easy. You can command Alexa to show the recorded videos or the live ones that are taking place outside your home. There is no need for you to operate your device to see the videos as all can be done just with the help of a voice command.

Manage the whole setup centrally with the Ring App

There is a fantastic app that is brought forth from the manufacturer named the Ring app. It allows the users to manage all the Ring products, including the video doorbell,Ring Alarm, and all the other products very easily. This app has got multiple useful features that will allow you to explore new things with the product.

The Ring App allows the users to receive alerts when someone presses the doorbell. It also notifies if there is any motion in the zone that is set by the user. Thus, you are always alerted by the app at any change that is detected.
differences between ring video doorbell2 and ring video pro

Shared Users

This feature allows you to share the videos with your friends or family. You can share all the recorded videos and also those that are recording live with your family members through the app from Ring.

Get access to the event history

This doorbell maintains a log of all the events that have been captured by it. You can go to Event History option and check out the entire list of video one after the other at a single time. Thus thorough monitoring can be done at an only time. It can also be beneficial if you need to find out the order of the events that have taken place.

Technical specifications of the doorbell

Dimensions of the product

5 * 2.5 * 1.5 inches

Resolution of the video


Quality of the video captured

High Definition

Source of power

Battery and hardwired

Field of view of the camera

160 degrees horizontal and 90 degrees vertical

Time needed for installation of the product

About 5 minutes

Wi-Fi connectivity

2.4 GHz

Live view


Both-way talking


Alert when motion is detected


Number of faceplates provided


Nature of the faceplates


Nature of the Battery


Night view

Infrared night view enabled

Nature of the motion detector

Detects basic motion

Quality of the audio

High quality

Noise cancellation


Requirements for the internet

A minimum speed of 1 MB per second for uploading videos

Weather-resistant product


Temperature compatibility

Between -5 degrees F and 120 degrees F


between -20.5 degrees C and 48.5 degrees  C

Colors of the product available

Satin Nickel and Venetian

Transformer of the doorbell required

8 – 24 VAC doorbell transformer

Warranty provided by the manufacturer

1 year

Manufacturing brand


Model of the product

Video Doorbell 2

Review from the users

4.8 out of 5 stars amongst 50 user reviews

The contents of the box of the product

The manufacturer of this doorbell provides the Ring Doorbell 2 andRing Alarm 5 Piece Kitin the packaging box. All the contents are:

  • Ring Video Doorbell 2
  • Quick Release Battery Pack for recharging the battery
  • 2 faceplates of color Satin Nickel and Venetian
  • An adapter plate
  • The installation kits for the Wedge and the Corners
  • Angles and screws required for installing the product
  • A USB charging cable
  • A security sticker
  • User manual for a complete guide

Ensure top-notch security of your property

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 + Ring Alarm 5 Piece Kit is meant for the top-notch security of your property. It has got some of the brilliant features that will enhancehome securitymany fold times. You can see all the videos in very high quality and communicate with the visitors directly from your device. This video doorbell is a must-have for your house if you are looking for the right amount of security.
youtube video of installing a diode on a ring doorbell2

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