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Schlage B62N619 Deadbolt, Keyed 2 Sides, Satin Nickel Review


While building a house, the security factor is always the primary concern. People take various measures to ensure that the security system of their home is top-notch. There are multiple types of security tools that are used to increase the security of a building. For the doors, there are specialized door locks. The windows also have unique locking systems, and the main gates have a separate locking tool designed exclusively for them.

In this article, we will discuss the deadbolt lock that is a robust locking system dedicated to the doors. Deadbolt locks are also known as deadlocks and follow a different mechanism than the spring bolt locks. These types of locks cannot get moved at all for opening. They can only get operated with the help of a key that gets specially designed for that particular model.

The deadbolt locks open by rotating the keys and are considered to be a more powerful locking tool. There are various types of deadbolt locks available in the market and have some of the best features that provide superior security to a property. The Schlage B62N619 Deadbolt, Keyed 2 Sides, Satin Nickel is an excellent example of a deadbolt lock. It has been crafted, brilliantly to provide the highest amount of safety and security to the house.
schlage b62 deadbolt mounting screws

What are the useful features of the Schlage B62N619 Deadbolt lock?

This deadbolt lock from Schlage is one of the masterpieces crafted by the brand and features some of the best technologies. It has got a very high rating from the users who consider it to be one of the excellent locking tools available in the market presently. The manufacturer Schlage has gained an excellent reputation, and thus, a product from them can get quickly banked on.

The lock has got many other excellent features which are discussed below. You should go through them nicely to understand the mechanism of this deadbolt lock properly.

Additional security

The Schlage B62N619 Deadbolt lock provides a top-level of protection to the place it has got installed. It gets mostly used in the exterior doors of the house. It is a known fact that the doors at the exteriors of the home or any other place need extra security. It is where these deadbolt locks find the perfect place.

The robust security features of this lock provide additional security as they cannot get manipulated by any means. They can be perfect for doors made with glass panes. Once they get installed in a place, then the owner of that house or the property can be stress-free about the security.

Dual key operation

This deadbolt lock from Schlage can get operated with dual keys. One from the exterior and the other from the interior of the door it has got installed. Therefore the strength of the security provided by these Deadbolts is doubled by every means. It also eliminates the need for any twist knob for the door.

Anyone from the exterior can not forcefully access the doors. There is also no chance of locking the door from the interior with the twist knob as the exterior lock also can be accessed with a key.

Built with Snap n Stay technology

It is a unique technology implemented by the manufacturer to give some added touch to the deadbolt locks. The Snap n Stay technology in the locks helps its outer part to stay at the perfect place while fitting the inner part. You will not have to hold the external hardware with your hands while installing the interior thumb turn. Thus your hands remain free to work while completing the installation process of these deadbolts.

Qualifies the higher security standards

This deadbolt lock from Schlage has got awarded an ANSI/BHMA Grade 1. ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and also BHMA (Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association) coordinate with each other and evaluates the performance of various hardware tools used in buildings.

The Schlage B62N619 Deadbolt lock has received the highest grade from ANSI and BHMA. It can be translated that the cycle, strength, security factors, dimensions, and finish of this deadbolt has met all the qualifying criteria to fetch grade 1. Therefore you can safely buy this lock for protecting your valuable property from intruders and attackers.

Can endure all types of attacks

The lock used at the front door of a house gets always subjected to various kinds of harmful attacks. Thieves and robbers often employ many powerful tools for breaking the locks. But you can be highly assured that this deadbolt is safe from all those types of severe attacks.

This deadbolt can endure repetitive strikes of crowbar or hammer. Anyone cannot break open it with the help of a saw and a wrench. The lock-pick will also not work on it. You can also try kicking it hard from the exterior, but the lock will stay intact and thus all the attempts will go in vain. The top-notch safety of these locks will remain untouched from every type of attacks by the invaders.

A double-cylinder deadbolt

There are two types of deadbolt locks available in the market. One is the single-cylinder lock, and the other is the double cylinder lock. The double cylinder locks are meant for an advanced level of security. They can be great for the exterior doors and also for those that have glass panes on them.

The Schlage B62N619 Deadbolt lock is a standard double cylinder lock. It provides far better security than the Schlage B60N 619 Single Cylinder Satin Nickel Deadbolt lock. This double cylinder can protect from the entry of any intruders. They should be surely installed at a glass door or at those doors that have a window exceptionally nearby. It will not allow the invader to step in by breaking the glass door or turning the interior knob of the lock. Thus more security is ensured.

Easy to install

This deadbolt has been built with the highest amount of efficiency. It comes with a very easy installation process and takes hardly some effort to get installed properly. There are very few steps included in its fitting procedure.

Some of the best technologies have been used in it that makes it easier to install. Smart features like Snap n Stay helps the users more as they allow a smooth installation of the lock. The manufacturer has provided all the essential materials that will help in fitting it. All the mounting hardware are present inside the box of the product, and thus, the excess cost of buying them is eliminated.

Built with metal

The Schlage B62N619 Deadbolt lock is wholly made up of metal, and thus its strength cannot be doubted at any instance. It ditches any possibility of breakage and therefore remains intact forever. These deadbolts can be trusted blindly for protecting the valuable belongings of the owners. They can be perfect for houses and small shops. These locking tools are durable and can endure active attacks because of their metal-built.

Quality coupled with innovation

This deadbolt is a fantastic example of quality and innovation put together. Once you install them at a place, then you can be assured of its longevity for more than a century. The doors may get damaged, but this deadbolt will remain as it is.

The product has been tested for providing a very high amount of security. It also has the right level of durability. It is why it can be concluded that this deadbolt can provide superb protection for a large number of years.
schlage b62 double cylinder grade 1 deadbolt review

Complements the door

The silver-tone of the product complements the color of the door very nicely. The wooden doors with dark and light grains look soberer with this lock fitted on it. It also looks great on other colors and can be safely installed on them without any doubt.

This deadbolt has a brilliant finish that reflects elegance. The finish will stay just as new forever, no matter how long you use it.

Technical specifications of the deadbolt

Dimensions of the product

5.8 * 4.5 * 3.1 inches

Weight of the product

1.88 ponds

Weight on shipping

1.9 pounds

Color of the lock

Satin Nickel

Finish of the deadbolt


Diameter of the borehole in the deadbolt

2.2 inches

Diameter of the cross bore in the lock

1 inch

Strike height of the deadbolt

2.3 inches

Strike width of the deadbolt

1.6 inches

Throw length of the deadbolt

1 inch

Trim ring diameter of the lock

2.5 inches

Projection of the lock

1 inch

Minimum thickness of the door required

1 to 3/8 inch – 1 to ¾ inch

Size of the backset

Can be adjusted

Purpose of the deadbolt


Number of cylinders present


Strike of the deadbolt

Round at the corners

Material of the lock

Nickel, stainless steel, and Brass

Place of installation

Both interior and exterior

Handing of the door

Universal or Reversible

Security grade


Total number of keys


Re-key technology used




Adjustment of the universal latch

2 to 3/8 inches or 2 to ¾ inches

Strike plate


Technology used for the installation of the lock

Snap n Stay


Lifetime on the hardware and finish

Manufacturing brand


Product reference number




Rating of the product from users

4.3 out of 5 stars amongst 170 user reviews

Ranking of the product


Salient features of the deadbolt lock

  • A great locking tool from the very trusted brand Schlage
  • Can be the best option for the exterior doors
  • Provides a very high level of security
  • Operates with two keys, one from the exterior and the other from the interior of the door
  • It is a perfect locking system on doors with glass panes
  • Can be fitted to a door with a window nearby for extra protection from invaders
  • The lock is built very strong with metal
  • It cannot be manipulated by any means
  • Can endure powerful strikes of crowbar and hammer
  • Cannot be opened using a lock pick
  • The lock cannot be broken with a saw or a wrench
  • Designed for standard door and fits in perfectly
  • The framework of the deadbolt is made up of Stainless steel, Nickel, and Brass
  • It can be easily installed in a door of 1 3/8 inches to 1 3/4 inches thick
  • Perfect for wooden doors
  • It is a double cylinder deadbolt
  • Easy to install without any hassle
  • Built with Snap n Stay technology that allows effortless installation of the lock
  • All the necessary mounting hardware are provided by the manufacturer
  • Can fit in smoothly into pre-existing drilled holes
  • An assortment of strike plate included
  • The lock is of ANSI/BHMA grade 1
  • Backseat size of the lock can be adjusted as per requirement
  • The hardware of the lock is of very high quality
  • A deadlock built with the perfect combination of style and quality
  • Prevents any intruder from kicking in
  • The universal latch of the lock can be adjusted to fit 2 3/8 inch or 2 3/4 inch
  • Can be considered for installing in a home depot
  • Extremely stylish in appearance
  • Has the color of Satin Nickel
  • Reflects a warm silver tone
  • Compliments the door very well
  • Once fitted, will give the utmost protection for the whole life without any glitches

Warranty guidelines from the manufacturer

The manufacturer Schlage Lock Company, LLC, offers a limited lifetime warranty on the mechanism and the finish of the lock. Schlage will repair or replace the defective product if possible; otherwise, it will refund the exact amount of money charged for the product. Only original users who have bought the product are subjected to the warranty policies.

Schlage will not take any responsibility for a defective product, if it has been not used as instructed, mishandled, stored incorrectly. Or, subjected to inaccurate weather conditions, and used for commercial purposes.

Ensure the top-notch security of your house with Schlage B62N619 Deadbolt lock

This deadbolt from Schlage has been crafted with the most advanced technologies that can provide the highest level of protection. It cannot be manipulated by an invader using any means. This deadbolt is very strong and will protect your house for a lifetime.

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