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Schlage BE365 CAM 619 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt, Satin Nickel Review


In this smart age of technology, we always want more added security for our home, office and everywhere. We care for our valuable belongings. Unlike in the past, there is an increased number of burglary activities happening nowadays. So is the mechanical locks still keep your home secure? Maybe not. So here we are coming with a beneficial and convenient product that is Schlage BE365 CAM 619 Camelot keypad deadbolt door lock. This is smart door lock. You do not to be worried about mechanical keys. You were often end up by losing the keys anywhere. That is some terrible experience. You do not need to find your keys in your pockets or your bag packs among lots of other stuff. You may be in a hurry most of the times as we all have a hectic schedule in this competition. So what will it be the solution? Well, this door lock is smart enough to record your given numbers, and you can have access to this lock just by taping those numbers on the given keypad. Unlike another traditional door lock, you need not carry extra keys with you. The build of this door lock is very sturdy, and it can sustain any external invasions. The nickel coating on this door lock gives it a shiny and attractive look. That coat is provided to protect the metal from rusting, air, water and moisture. This smart and elegant looking door lock will enhance the look and feel of your entrance.

More of it, the best part is it is straightforward to install and operate. One average person can fit it within no time by properly following our provided guidelines. The use of this door lock is as simple as using any other technical gadgets. The only thing you have to do is press the customizable numbers what will set by you during the installation process. If in any case, you will forget your pin, then also there is nothing to worry. You can customize the badge of your lock countless times. This feature is convenient when you used to forget your PIN more often.

This lock runs on 9V batteries. Instead of using any electricity for this digital door lock, you only have to fit the batteries in place, and you are ready to go. Sit back and do not think about the availability of the cells. We are providing it with the box content. The can will last up to 3 or more years with normal usage. Everything that can possible we have tried to do and give the ultimate user experience to our buyers. Considering the security and ease of use, we are presenting this door lock to you at an affordable price. So is it dark enough? So that you can not be able to see the number pad. We are coming with a great solution. We have provided backlit keypads for better usage in the night time or low light situations.

Keyless Convenience:
Time has come to say a firm goodbye to the traditional stolen, lost and just ordinary forgotten keys. With an easy to install and easy to use Schlage keypad, now the coming and going through the doors is keyless, effortless and painless. This means saving your valuable times and not to worry about finding the keys. Along with this our large variety of electronic finishes and styles that pairs effortlessly with all our most popular trim styles, that allows you to expertly fit together the right and perfect style at both inside and outside of your door.

Keypad Locks:
Our Schlage door lock offers the users an easy way to lift the style of the entrance of your home. This lock keeps your home safe, and also makes it smarter.

This lock is trusted in over 40 million homes and adopted by millions of users. For an elegant look and feel, we create stylish and more innovative products with a great product that brings the possibilities and much-needed potential of each door in your home to your life. That means were helping you open a lot more than just opening a door.

This door lock shares easy access to the users and does it more securely no need to hide spare keys and keeping any track of extra copies.

This door lock comes with preprogrammed two access codes for immediate use with putting any customizable password by your own.

This smart door lock has a low battery indicator. This indicator turns on once the battery gets drained.

For easy low light usage, the back-lit keypad is provided, you will not face any problem while opening your door at night time.

When it comes security point of view, the first things that come to our mind is great to build quality and more robust structure of the lock. This door lock has a premium metal construction that will withstand in natural or artificial invasions. The nickel coating on its top prevents this lock from water damage, rusts and dust.

Product Description:
No more keys to hide, lose, carry or forget. Keypad deadbolts offer keyless access and provide maximum security protection to make your life more convenient. Install and program in minutes with no Wiring required.

From the Manufacturer:
Experience a keyless experience and freedom with Schlage keypad deadbolts. No keys to hide, lose, carry, or forget. This brings a whole new level of security to your home; it seems more convenient and brings quality to your home. This door lock is ready to install in your door right out of the box; one tool. One person. Under 30 minutes. A 9-volt battery is included inside the box package. This battery has a three years battery life with an additional feature of low battery indicator and audible warning. Using this lock, it is straightforward to add and delete the preinstalled codes. You can enter up to 19 differently customized four-digit codes right on the keypad using the unique six-digit codes you create. The lighted keypad makes entering easy at night. All metal escutcheons. This features freely movable keyway to protect it against wrench attacks, but it is easy to turn when the correct code is entered in the digital keypad. Patented key override feature with a key included. Solid brass escutcheons, meets ANSI Grade 2 requirements. This lock preset with one unique six-digit programming code and extra two unique 4-digit user codes. Comes with the Schlage 5 pin C keyway.

Features & details:
For fitting at the exterior room doors, this lock Pairs with a closet knob or lever when replacing the deadbolt and keyed knob on the exterior side of your door.

Professional Grade security with the biggest adjustable bolt available for increased resistance to kick-ins. This universal latches and the deadbolts that fit 2-3/8 Inches of 60mm or 2-3/4 Inches or 70mm backsets

Pre-set, unique, six-digit programming code, two pre-set exclusive four-digit user codes (19 code capacity)

Weather-resistant, silicon-coated keypad, so numbers don't wear off. Applications - Residential single- and multi-family doors.

This lock has backlit functionality, that helps in seeing the simple keypad layout in low light and becomes easy to use, even for the little hands. The required door thickness range is 1-5/8 inch to 2 inches as standard.
schlage be365 cam 619 re-key to match my current deadbolt

This comes with a keyless entry feature for enhanced and added security, not to worry about lost keys.

Turning the knob will allow you to feel the deadbolts lock when you turn it on.

Keypad illuminates due to the backlit, so you can easily see it at night and in low light situations.

Codes can be easily added or deleted directly on the keypad using the lock's preset unique six-digit programming code.
This lock includes a 9-volt battery, a unique six-digit programming code, and with two four-digit user codes pre-set at the factory for easy access to the lock.
schlage be365 v cam 619 vunerability

Solid overview:
This door lock comes with a high build quality along with high compactness. This will not give any clumsy look to the exterior as well to the interior of the door in your home. This elegant looking door lock is sturdy and smarter at the same time. This has a dimension of 9 x 7 x 5 inches. This aspect makes this door lock very compact and very reliable for home-usage. It weighs just 1.5 pounds that it will not exert too much pressure on your door. This lightweight and helps to get fitted in the proper place within a lesser period.

This lock comes with a satin nickel colour. This is made up of high-quality metal. The glossy burst finish gives this lock a more appealing look like home decor. There is a 9-volt battery included in the box content.

Except for the door lock and the required screws and bolts, the box contains a user manual and a warranty leaflet. The provided video sample on our partner E-commerce site will let you know about every detail of the installation process, or you can follow the user manual to install this lock properly. It is so easy to fit that it requires no experience. The manual describes the procedure very clearly, and one can quickly get the full process of installation by following the user manual.

Warranty and pricing:
This fantastic piece of technology doesn't cost a lot to you. This comes with a reasonable price that every category of people can easily afford this door lock. The features that are included in this lock makes this one fierce competitor, and the demanded price is the extra added icing on the cakes, which makes us different from the other manufacturers. This door lock will cost you only 99$. Coming under 100$ price bracket and having such excellent features makes this door lock one ultimate choice for your home security purpose.

We are keeping a good price to a great feature-packed product how could we stand behind when it comes to the warranty section. We are providing a lifetime warranty on the mechanical parts and the outer finishes. This actually shows how much confident we are about our products. You will also get one year of warranty on the electronic parts of this door lock. You can easily avail the warranty by showing us the warranty card under warranty period. We have promised to ourselves that in any circumstances we not fall back in providing world-class after-sale service to our valuable customers.

In the early 21st century where everything is getting smarter, living in such an era, how can you still use those old traditional methods for the security purpose? There are chances of losing keys, and that may cause you to waste your valuable times in finding that or in making one duplicate one. That process doesnt sound so familiar and convenient in a busy daily life schedule. So we have come to this smart home appliance that will provide you with ultimate security service.

The added backlit feature is considerable at this price as it helps a lot during night time. Its pre-warning about the low battery percentage will help you to replace the battery before time.

The thick mechanical bolts give this an extra solid structure to prevent against any natural or automatic tool invasions. Along with providing excellent security to your home, this door lock also looks stunning with than burst nickel finish. The in-hand feel of the knob will please you without any hesitation.

After all, coming to the verdict, we will highly recommend our customers to get this door lock and have the ultimate experience of reliability. We are one of the greatest manufacturers, and we always pay attention to the price to performance ration. By keeping the price so reasonable, we become a perfect choice present right in the market. To meet all the expectations and requirements, we have designed this door lock with great precision and following high engineering skills. Choose it as your security, and it will not let you down at any cost.

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