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Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt with Camelot Trim in Satin Nickel BE489WB Review


Technology not only gives you beautiful gadgets but also takes proper care of your safety. Technology has come up that can secure your home from uncertain situations or any security breaking systems. You require a smart lock, which not only ensures your house from security breaches but also you can naturally secure your home. The Lock must be such that it can be accessed from anywhere. This type of Lock must be technically right and highly durable. A safer lock system is extremely required in the door of the house, and it comes out as an asset for the members of the house.

Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt is a keyless lock that comes with the latest features and technology, making it easy to secure your house without touching the gadget. It is highly required in our daily lives. The Lock comes with no repairing requirements and is highly long lasting. It saves a lot of money and keeps you away from the tensions regarding the safety of your house.

The Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt is a smart gadget made of Satin Nickel, giving a final change to your home. It is a keyless gadget where you can access from anywhere using just an app. It is only highly durable and can be used for many years. Some of the best features of the smart Lock is given below in a pointwise manner:

The Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt comes with a wide range of features with all kinds of safety, which is technologically extremely sound, and some of the advanced features are discussed below:

The lock consist of proper utilisation of technology, particularly in accessing it. There is a built-in Wi-Fi system in the Lock that helps in using it from anywhere, especially for locking and unlocking purposes. There is no requirement of extra gadgets or accessories for enabling the Wi-Fi in the Lock. The Lock is the fingerprint-resistant system, and it consists of a capacitive touchscreen. In a single touch, you can lock the system quickly. There is even an alarm system that is built in the gadget that can sense any uncertain situation in the security. It acts as a sensor system and makes you alert when there are any inconveniences. The Wi-Fi system can get connected to your home networks, and there is no requirement of extra adapters or any additional.

The use of this gadget is straightforward. There is a provision of pairing the Lock with Schlage Home app or the Key App, and by this, you can create 100 access codes for your reliable friends and family. You can manage their temporary and permanent access. The Lock connects to your home W-Fi Signal, and it becomes so easy to use.

It has several pairing options when it comes to access. Alexa is highly compatible with adding voice control to the Lock. By pairing Alexa with the Lock, you do not even have to make a touch to the Lock. Also a low battery indicator will provide you with a beforehand warning for the replacement of battery of the Lock. The kit comes with a start guide by which you can make out all the advantages of the Lock.
schlage be489wb

The company guarantees its customers strength and reliability. It gives you a reliable and secure lock system, which is technically very smart and handy, and the most important thing is it does not require any touch. It is a touchless lock key system. The company has an experience of more than 95 years in making useful gadgets for home uses, which is not only affordable but also trustable.

The Camelot trim structural advantages give the Lock a classic style. The Satin Nickel gives overall a silver colour and has a versatile design, and overall, it gives a perfect look to your home. It provides a stylish finish to your house. The Lock even comes in a variety of styles looking for your requirements and choices and provides a perfect finish and look to your door.
schlage be489wb

Installation of gadgets, especially locks, never been so easy. Schlage makes installation of its locks so easy. You require a screwdriver to install the device. The Snap and Stay technology provide proper installation of the deadbolt into the door. In addition, by this, you do not have to touch the Lock.

The specifications of Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt are mentioned below and everything that a customer should know before buying the product:

  1. Part Number: BE489WBCAM619
  2. Item Weight:2.8 pounds
  3. Product Dimensions:2.2*3*5.5 inches
  4. Item model number: BE489WB CAM 619
  5. Batteries: 4 AA batteries required(included)
  6. Size: Lock only
  7. Colour: Satin Nickel
  8. Style: Camelot
  9. Finish: satin
  10. Item Package Quantity:1
  11. Included Components: Lockset, Batteries, Backup Key, Quick start guide
  12. Batteries included: yes
  13. Batteries Required: yes
  14. Battery Cell Type: alkaline
  15. Warranty Description: 3-year electronics limited lifetime warranty
  16. Shipping weight: 3.35 pounds

schlage be489wb encode

The installation procedure is extremely, very easy, and you need a single screwdriver for its installation.

  1. First, you need to install the bolt in the door.
  2. Then the touchscreen is needed to be installed just above the bolt.
  3. The backplates need to be attached, and the cables are required to be connected.
  4. The Lock is to be secured on the door.
  5. Finally, the batteries and the covers are needed to be installed.

The Lock is an excellent investment for all its customers. It is not only useful for the homes but also the corporate offices and business set-ups. The product brings in a considerable number of smart and advanced features. If you are not yet sure whether or not the Schlage encode smart Wi-Fi deadbolt will be a worthy investment, here are the exact reasons why purchasing the product will indeed be the right decision:

BHMA has given the product a grade in all three categories of performance that is Security, Finish and Durability, which is highly visible for hardware products. Schlage has a good position for its products in the market.

The product comes with a limited lifetime warranty of 3 years, which is highly recommendable. Any defects taking place in typical usage of the product within the warranty period will be repaired free of cost.

You can set up several codes not only to enter the house, but systems can be created for your family and friends. The linking of your smartphone gives you an alert signal when an entrant unlocks the door. You do not need to use your hand anymore while operating the Lock. It is very much safer and convenient for all your home delivery packages.

It is effortless to install the Lock, and there is no problem in connecting with your Wi-Fi. Mechanically it is stable and is reliable. It works incredibly impressive with Alexa.

The Lock is highly reliable and can withstand frequent use and lasts long. It has high durability and longevity. The product comes with a registered number of years of warranty. Schlage makes sure to the buyers that product is defect-free. It is a light weighted lock.

With the amazon key, you can see the video of all your people entering and even going out of the house. Alexa and Google Assistant are the other advantages of this excellent Lock. The innovative and creative design by the company provides a beautiful look to your door and overall an impressive look to your house. Access codes up to 100 can be, which is tells the smartness of the technology used in this gadget, ensuring full security and safety. The keypad present in the Lock even gets lighten up when you press any button.

be489wb schlage

Many customers find it as a perfect replacement of their older Lock and key system. It is technologically very smart with 0 defects, and it is such a gadget in which you can completely trust. Its customers trust the brand for all these years. The company has been making excellent products, especially home appliances looking at the requirements of the consumers. It is a very convenient gadget, extremely for working people. They can check their entrants and keep an eye on their homes by just operating an app. You can check from anywhere whether the Lock is working or not. In this era of smart gadget, this Lock by Schlage is perfect utilisation of technology. It is a relief for all the consumers who repeatedly worry regarding whether their house is locked or not. With this Lock, their all tensions can be finished. It is a lock which is trustable and even durable. It is a long-lasting gadget and comes with an excellent warranty period. Any defect arising in the warranty period can be easily looked. The brand is known for its excellent services as well. The users of the Lock are delighted with the reliability and utility of this product. Customers have named this product as MUST BUY PRODUCT. They have acknowledged that the product has profoundly helped them in lessening their tensions and insecurities regarding the locking of their home doors. The product is not only helpful in homes but also offices, banks and business set-ups. It widely looks at the safety and security of your homes.
schlage be489wb

The features have appealed all the customers and convinced them about the efficiency of the product. The quality of functioning in terms of security is highly recommendable. A lock featuring longevity and reliability can keep you away from frequent repairs and replacements and help you save time, effort and money. The brand name is enough for the customers to trust it. It has been serving people with its product for so many years. The impressive technology used in the Lock is eye-catching. The satin nickel finish overall gives an impressive look to doors. The gadget looks beautiful in the door. There is no chance of tampering the Lock because it is operated with an app. It just works with codes, which makes it even more reliable. The products of the brand ENCODE are just unmatched and cannot be used for competition with the other companies because this company has a separate place in the minds of its customers. Consumers have trusted this company all these years not only for this particular product but it has also convinced them with several attractive devices. The outcome of this company is completely trusted and is having a very reasonable price. Getting an excellent product at this low price is nearly impossible, but it has been possible with the help of ENCODE. The company provides you with the best product in terms of money as well as quality. Quality of the products has been maintained all these years by the company.

The extremely eye-catching the smooth finish of the deadbolt has surpassed other companies which are in the same competitive market. The company is incomparable when it comes to the customer's service. The company tries to look into the matter seriously as soon as possible and provides every kind of technical services required by its products. It has just strengthened the security systems in several houses and is an excellent recommendation to the consumers to try this particular product. They are assured of getting the best at a very reasonable price with the best quality in safety and services. It can become a saviour in the house in terms of security.

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