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Schlage FE575 PLY 626 ELA Plymouth Keypad Entry with Auto-Lock and Elan Levers Review


Every person dreams of having a safe and secure house without having the burden always to carry the set of house keys. Moreover, achieving this is not that difficult as these days companies have come up with some extraordinary innovations, which not only provides security but also makes peoples life much more straightforward. Therefore, why not for a unique product which keypad locks which give us a choice to program the code, which is easy to remember.

And the Schlage FE575 PLY 626 ELA Plymouth Keypad Entry with Auto-Lock and Elan Levers, Brushed Chrome is one such keypad lever locks which are just perfect to be used on the front doors, or the side and the back doors, and also on the garage doors. It quickly helps to maintain the security of the house by having the entry controlled using the keypad deadbolt without the tension of hiding the keys and losing track of it. It is quite easy to install the Schlage keypad, which makes the entry and exit keyless as well as effortless. There have always been questions regarding performance & longevity. But it has always proved its worth and stands out among all the similar kind of products.

Some essential features of Schlage FE575 PLY 626 ELA:

Keypad locks:

The door hardware offered by Schlage makes the house look smarter by enhancing the style. Innovation and development have made it one of the most trusted brands by making people realize that it is not a simple door product but a lot more than that.

This FE575 keypad entry comes with the auto-lock feature, which means automatically after 5 seconds the door will be relocked with the tension of closing it every single time. It can only be unlocked when provided with a valid user code as the inside lever is always in an unlocked position. And in case the user code is not functioning correctly, the key can be used to unlock as a back-up.

Keyless convenience:

The tension of losing or the key being stolen can be easily forgotten by installing this keypad lever, which makes our work easy going. Apart from that, the options are comprehensive like electronic finish, style including colour, which leaves a mark of perfection.


The access to ones home becomes more secure without the risk to have the track of the key.

Due to the increased risk of robbery in broad daylight, this can act as a medium to minimize the robbers from successfully executing their plan.


The batteries are required as well as included in the packaging as, without it, the installation cannot be completed. In case the battery lifespan has decreased, it can be easily detected as it comes with a low battery indicator, which helps to change the battery beforehand without forgetting. Once the battery is fixed, the keypad illuminates, and the dial pad becomes visible so that the code is used correctly to open the door.

Warranty Period:

We can check the warranty period quickly from the warranty manual that comes with the product. It has a long list of product warranties that depend on the type of product bought from Schlage. But for commercial applications, it extends a lifetime limited warranty mechanical warranty along with three years electronic warranty against any defect in the material from the date of purchase.

When the damaged product is returned to the company or any authorized distributors with original bills accordingly, the action is taken, and the company replaces the product. And this is applicable only for unique users of the product, and this cannot be transferred at any cost.

In the case of grading and certification, it comes with ANSI/BHMA grade 2 certified, and on top of that, it is quite flexible and fits almost all the standard door preparations.

Product specifications:

One goes for a product by analyzing the product specifications, which is mentioned on the top of the packaging. It makes the product unique as each product has different specifications:

  • Item part number: FE575 PLY 626 ELA
  • Weight of the item: 1.5 pounds
  • Dimensions of the product: 2.8 x 3 x 6.8 inches
  • Battery requirement: 1 (Nonstandard battery). The battery is included in the packaging itself.
  • Colour of the product: Brushed chrome
  • Size: ELA Plymouth
  • Style of the product: Auto-lock
  • Material and its shape: Metallic material with a flat way
  • Quantity of item in one package: 1
  • Warranty period: One year for any electronic damage and lifetime for mechanical and finish loss.
  • It includes a battery of 9 volts along with 6-digit programming code and is also provided with two four-digit user codes already set at the factory.

Important points to keep in mind:

While preparing for the installation and even after it, some essential points need to be taken care of in an efficient manner:

  • A power drill should never be used for installing this particular product.
  • While unpacking the product, it is advised to use a screwdriver as an option.
  • While installing and testing the lock, the door should be kept open so that one is not locked from inside by mistake.
  • Before installation, the door dimensions need to be checked appropriately with calculated markings, and in case the dimensions are not appropriate, then the service support can be useful to prepare the door for a specific purpose.
  • The faceplate can be changed, if it is necessary to that of the circular faceplate in case there is no mortise in the hole and also depending on the sketch that matches the door edge.
  • The wire which needs to be connected to the battery must slide underneath the latch.
  • In case the latch is retracted, and no extension is there then it can be checked once more with the keypad installation.
  • After installation, if the thumb turn is not working correctly, then possible issues is that it has a broken wire or it is not aligned correctly into the cam present on the base plate.
  • Even after entering the valid user code the lock is not responding correctly with a visible green light then there might be a need to replace the battery. And in case there is the dead battery situation, the lock can be opened or unlocked manually just by efficiently using the key provided along with the product.

schlage fe575 ply 626 ela

  • Every hardware product needs maintenance, to be it inside or outside the house as it needs to be clean so that the battery lasts for a long even in harsh conditions. For this, we need to keep it dirt-free by cleaning it with a dry cloth only if it is required and try not to use it with wet hands.

Step by step procedure of installation:

Before installing, there are some tools needed along with some additional parts if required, which makes one fully equipped before starting the process

  • Some other devices required are the screwdriver, tape measure, pencil while the free ones being the flathead screwdriver, woodblock, and the hammer. The additional parts needed are the pin wrench and the optional latch faceplate.
  • Before installation all the things and the assigned place should be adequately cleaned and when the latch is to be installed the latch angle should be such that it faces the door jamb which acts as a covering to the edges of the hole made on the door.
  • After this, the battery is fixed to the keypad lock, and then the keypad is installed on to it.
  • If you want to install the battery in the keypad lock, then you have first to place the lock on the door. You can insert the battery pack by the help of a wire sliding underneath the latch.
  • By checking the door dimensions, the keypad can be fixed smoothly through the door hole in the latch.
  • Then from inside the lever needs to be installed by using the provided screws, which helps in holding the gear tightly in its place.

fe575 schlage

  • Sometimes the outside lever might be in the opposite direction. And to fix this, pin wrench is inserted to a small hole present on the gear, and this pin is just pushed into it and held for sometime after which the equipment is quickly pulled off. Like this, each bar is inside or outside can be put back in the correct place. And after it is fixed in the proper position, it is easy to use the lever flexibly.
  • The last step of the installation is to test if the lock is working in the desired way by using the user code A provided on the user manual programming guide. After which the lever can be easily rotated and released.

Benefits offered by Schlage FE575 PLY 626 ELA:

  • It is effortless to use after it is correctly installed. It is pre-programmed at the factory itself with two access codes so that it can be used immediately without the need to think of code.
  • It comes with a low battery indicator along with a back-lit keypad which is very useful in detecting a dead battery and in that case the issue can be quickly resolved. The battery operates with a three-year battery life.
  • The product has a premium metal constructed body which protects from any wear and is highly durable along with the auto-lock feature. This code can be easily updated that is added or deleted on the keypad itself by using a unique six-digit programming code.
  • This keypad lock is quite useful for people who have a busy family, outdoor going, and people who have rental homes. The keypad can be installed on any property without facing any hassle without the need of carrying a huge bunch of keys.
  • It comes with an 11 button lighted keypad for better visibility at night time which is silicone coated and at the same time wear-resistant. Along with this, the four-digit user code can be changed up to 19 codes from among 10000 user codes to choose

What do reviewers have to say about this product?

It is one of the aspects behind the success and failure of a product as it is the customers who can give an honest opinion on its functioning and longevity.

  • The Schlage locks are most durable and quite easy to install and program them. The batteries installed prove to be long-lasting over the years.
  • One more advantage is that it comes with a standard key which can be in use in case the programmed code is forgotten or has stopped working. You can insert the codes are easily and delete whenever necessary. You can insert up to 19 codes inside the system.
  • Even in harsh weather, the battery compartment works perfectly fine. It has a smooth mechanism and feels solid; hence, it is highly recommended for everyone.
  • The turning handle is easy to use and is super convenient with great looks.

Concluding remarks on Schlage FE575 PLY 626 ELA:
lowes schlage fe575 ply 626

The Schlage is one of the most trusted brands in the market, and it has maintained its legacy of providing security at the top level to homes as well as businesses. And installing this can make us feel secure, which has the best quality and innovation. Customers who have used this keypad lock say that it had excellent performance when they compared with other similar product they have used in previous years. There is no tension of carrying the keys outside and ending up losing it as this is the most flexible option to opt. As installing this easy as all one needs is a screwdriver; hence, it is ideal for outside or garage entry doors. There are a wide variety of similar products available in the market. When it comes to having the best product at a compelling price, all we can remember is of Schlage FE575.

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