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SOOCOO Wireless Door Window Sensor Ding Dong Alarm Chime B10 B30 WiFi Video Doorbell Review


A constant tension that every house owners carry is the fear of theft in their house. Little locks and latches cannot stop a burglar from entering your home. You need to go for SOOCOO Wireless Door Window Sensor Ding Dong Alarm Chime, Entry Chime, Indoor Personal Security 52 Different Melodies Only for Matching Use with SOOCOO B10 B30 Wi-Fi Video Doorbell. It is safe, secure and also has a sensitive alarm system to wake you or the neighbours up in case of forceful opening of your door. If someone opens a secured window or door, then a loud alarm is set off to make people aware of the upcoming situation. You need to understand a few points before you use SOCCO wireless door and window sensor. In this article, you will know about how do these sensors work and how you can use them.

How does a door or window sensor work?

The basic configuration of all window and door sensors makes use of reed switches. The invention of reed switches was established in 1936. The use of reed switches made its way from keyboards to laptops. You are wondering how reed switches function in a computer? Have you noticed that your system goes to sleep when you shut the lid? Now you get the point. It is nothing but a collection of electric connectors. They are kept slight apart from each other. When you bring a magnetic field in parallel to the connectors, then they attract each other, which results in completing the circuit.
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Similarly, door sensors consist of one reed switch and a magnet that creates a complete circuit. You can call it arming your doors and windows. It is a complete circuit that holds as a hinge to the door or windows. If someone is trying to force open it, the circuit breaks which will eventually trigger an alarm or any such event associated to it. The triggering SOCCO wireless door and window sensor are totally upon how you are going to set this up. You can choose a text or an entirely loud alarm or a chime tone alert. It proves itself as a reliable security device as any thief would change the course of their plan after a loud warning alerting everyone around.

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Same purpose different use of SOCCO sensor

Entry sensor follows an exquisite technology which can also be used in various creative measures. Some companies, before installing it in your doors and windows, ask for your recommendation of triggering an alert. You can either opt for a smart warning giving a full loud alarm or a single signal in the form of text or email. There are many situations which can indicate the use of these sensors. Not only windows and doors, but you can use it as many other applications. These are some of the forms in which you can use the SOCCO door and window sensor.

  • As doorbells- The sensors act as a double protective doorbell. If your system is turned off, then it will give the chime tune for any triggering. Now you can keep track of who is coming and whom to let in. It is suitable for families having small kids who manage to open windows themselves at times. You will be able to keep a track on them.
  • As a virtual bouncer- They are an excellent device for protection as it can alert you if anyone is breaching into your home. Not only for thieves, but you can also keep track of the people inside your house. You can set a secret alert message triggering to know who is wandering inside your home at night and stealing ice cream.
  • As a lifeguard- It acts as a lifeguard to all little kids in your house. The little ones in the house are crazy to go to the poolside and play alone without parents. Now, this is something which this SOCCO door and window sensors can prevent. You can give smart alerts to get immediate information on your phone to come to a stop your kids.
  • Like a Spy- It acts amazingly as a spy device. You can attach almost anything to these sensors such as a TV. If anyone moves your TV from that location, you will get a secret message on to your phone. You can do the same with almost every appliance available in your house.
  • As a protector of free stuff- Some household equipment does not fit inside and therefore kept out inside the fence. Some examples are window AC. The mechanism of window ACs has a small part inside the house and a significant role on the other side of the wall. You can add SOCCO door and window sensors on it to catch if anyone tries to take it off.

Some pints-to-remember related to SOCCO door and window sensors

  • I prefer installing two magnets for your doors and windows in case you wish to leave it open for fresh air to come in. Installing two magnets will give two safe points for the window or doors. If someone passes the first or the second position, the alarm triggers.
  • Check on your door or window and the sensor's specification to know whether they both are compatible for fitting or not. Double doors, sliding doors, swinging windows and all other types of doors and windows are consistent with SOCCO door and window sensors.
  • They are not direction-specific, which makes them eligible for fitting upside down or sideways. Just keep in mind that the magnet and the sensor must have 2 inches distance amongst each other.
  • Do not install the sensor on a metal frame as it might cause damage to the metal in the long run. If you have a metal door or window and you want to place it there then use a plastic sheet between the metal frame and the sensor to avoid direct contact.
  • Do not worry if your sensor being disabled by another magnet of the thief. It is technically possible, but the thief will need a mighty magnet to disable the sensor. For disabling the sensor, the thief must know the position of the sensor inside your door or window. With SOCCO door and window wireless doorbell, if the thief tries to disable it, the alarm still triggers. It is because the reed switches are susceptible and sense magnetic fluctuations.

Installation tips of SOCCO sensors on different door types
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SOCCO sensors are capable of being installed in any door or window type. As stated above, you can install these sensors on double doors or windows, sliding doors or windows and all other brands. Here are some installation tips for SOCCO sensors.

  • Necessary installation procedure there are two parts to these sensors, one is the sensor and other is the magnet. You need to place the magnet within 2 inches of the sensor's groove. It indicates the circuit is complete when the window or the door is closed. If the distance increases than 2 inches, then the sensor indicates the door as open. The sensor is usually installed on the door frame, and the magnet is installed on the door. When you open the door, the trigger is engaged.
  • Installation procedure for sliding doors or windows- The installation procedure is the same for that of a sliding door or window. You can place the sensor on the door frame and the magnet on to the door. For an alternative, you can set the sensor and the attraction towards the top end, making it easier for functioning in the case of sliding doors.
  • Installation procedure for double doors- The installation of sensors on double doors seems complicated, but it is instead the easiest. Make sure to install the sensor on one door and the magnet on the other at the point where both the doors meet. The distance limit is still 2 inches, so do not experiment anything. You must not use the door frame for sensors in the case of double doors or windows as it is possible for one end to stay fixed while the other is open.
  • Installation procedure for deep door or window frame- This door or window type can make installation a little tricky as the door frame is more in-depth than two inches. For buried structures, you can place the sensor and magnet edge to edge just like a door hinge conditioned if the door opens outwards. If it opens inwards, then it is better to use a motion sensor instead of SOCCO door and window sensors.
  • Installation procedure for sliding windows- The process remains the same to install the sensor on the window frame and the magnet on the window or the other way round. When someone slides the window and the distance increases than 2 inches, the led will glow, and the alert will be triggered.
  • Installation procedure for swinging windows- Install the sensor on the frame of the window and the magnet on the surface of the window. It is same as that of sliding windows as when the distance increases than2 inches, and the alarm is triggered.

In some window types, the installation might be complicated. Try switching the places of sensors and magnets as that might help. If it is not helpful, then it is better to contact experts for the job.

How are SOCCO door and window sensor different from motion sensors?

Both the devices give you the same level of security, but they both have a specific application which either of it cannot perform. Here is all the information which tells the efficiency of SOCCO window and door sensors above motion sensors.

  • The job of motion detectors is to detect the motion of the persons present inside your house. The programming pattern compares the early state and the current state of a room. It is a timely program which scans in intervals and therefore misses some events. At most of the time, they trigger false alarms. It means that if you have pets, then your alarm system is going to alert you at all intervals. It gives false alerts.
  • Whereas window and door sensors by SOCCO detects any break-in through the windows or doors. These sensors are also known as contact sensors which trigger an alarm when the window or door is opened. It is highly accurate and gives positive alarms. It gives a high level of security if you have kids in your home as they might accidentally open the windows. It sets off a loud alarm to frighten the thieves from entering the house.

If you are living in an area where there are lots of movements due to wind or pets, then the motion sensor is not applicable to give accurate alarms. Window and door sensors are feasible security options as it helps you in all odd situations. If you left your door unlocked and someone tries to lure in, the loud alarm would alert the neighbours to come and check-in.

Now, you have all the information about SOCCO door and window sensors. One thing you must keep in mind is that it is compatible only with Awakingdemi B10 Chime Wireless Wi-Fi Doorbell Receiver Matching Use With B30 Wi-Fi Video Doorbell. For additional security, you can always use doorbell camera to recognize whether you know the person or not. You need to connect an application to receive the video from the camera. If you are willing to buy SOCCO door and window sensors then you must know that you are gaining 33% less chance of being robbed as the property loot crime is happening every 4 seconds in the current scenario.

Moreover, even with these sensors, you must keep all the major loopholes filled. When you move out, lock your doors and windows at all cost. Look after your kids as they might accidentally trigger the alarm and people might jump in to help you for a false triggering. You can also set alerts to receive personally to know if someone opens the door or window.

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