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TeckNet Wireless Door Bell Chime Kit with LED Light Review


There are thousands of doorbell available in the market today many of these work in a different way with different features, so choosing an ideal doorbell has been essential in today's date when we have to look up for a wide range of requirements like durability, chime, performance, resistant, sound quality etc. Yeah, it is known that a doorbell isnt a luxury item in the house

but its a necessity in everyday livelihood. A doorbell works like an information alert about who is visiting or when theres a parcel being delivered you need a doorbell to get the live update of it.

Any visitor whoever it is the one thing he was going to notice is your doorbell it needs to be amazing. Agree to me, or not everyone loves little flattering, and if that comes from a tiny part like a doorbell, then it would make your day for sure. With the advancing technology wires are being eliminated from everywhere like our traditional telephones got replaced by mobiles similarly the wired bells get replace by the wireless doorbells.

The biggest problem in installing any electrical device is hiding the wires that are the job that everyone leaves for the last instead, they should think about it before you start. Mostly the wired doorbells have white cables, and no matter how much you try they are surely going to stick out of your beautiful wooden doors. Hiding the fence is one thing, and running the cables inside your house to the receiver would definitely put a dent in your indoor beauty. For which wireless are the best.

The wired doorbell also needs more and more holes in your beautiful home. You have to run the driller from doors to inside to create the whole setup. After installing tucking the wire again create the entire another universe of mess. So to get rid of it go wireless. If a device is a broadcast, the installation becomes easy and convenient.

Hundreds of certified buyer from the online shopping chain have claimed that if you are going to buy a wireless doorbell, then TeckNet should be your pick. It is the most trusted brand, the line of doorbells it has produced by TeckNet in the last couple of years are all flawless most are in perfect running condition. The TeckNet Wall Plug-in doorbell is among the simplest yet very effective wireless doorbells out there. It stands out primarily because of its single transmitter and receiver lot.

To give a clear picture of the product here are some highlighted details-


  • Unlike other wireless doorbells, the TeckNet is the very stylish and compact design of its own. The exterior design of the product is a little shinny yet perfect finish. The curves the highlights surely make it one of the most beautiful wireless doorbells. One can quickly notice from outside its architect wont allow you to miss a sight from the bell. Theres a saying that the doorbell gives the first blow about your personality because thats the first thing that comes before a visitor.
  • Doorbells generally face all the changing climatic conditions starting from burning sunstrokes to ice-chilled snowy weather. So the product needs to be highly durable which the TeckNet assure to. It can withstand any adverse weather condition. To add to your assurance, the company has installed IP33 weatherproofing in its device, which itself proves that your product is going work till eternity.
  • TeckNet wireless doorbell is easy to install in your homes. You can do it on your own. The product can be installed at the front door with two methods, either the bell push can be attached to the front door by one of the adhesive tapes. The second one is a permanent fix for which open the back of the device and screw it into the wooden door frame. The first one works well if you are living in a rental house and other works perfect for those who are installing in their office, hospitals or permanent residence.

OPERATING RANGE - When it comes to wireless doorbells, the range plays a very vital role in it. The field limits the usage of it from big villa to a small flat. But that the case with TeckNet wireless doorbell here you get pretty decent up to 820 feet of range that means nearly 250m. Hence TeckNet assures that its wireless doorbells are compatible to use in small big houses along with office and hospitals as well. Today most of the hotel rooms are switching to TeckNet wireless doorbell because of its range which helps them fix the transmitter at rooms and receiver the reception. It opens you a one-stop solution for doorbells no matter for which place you want it.

Sound and volume one ringing tone is pathetic, after a point of time monotony doorbell changes like an annoying alarm. TeckNet makes a profound impact in that matter, to resolve generation old problem it inculcate its device with 32 different melodious ringtones which uh can decide on your own. Just think you get to hear a different tone every single day for a month thats really rejuvenating. The chimes included in the device are very well selected tested and installed according to the latest trends. Apart from monotony the same loudness every time is like a mood spoiler. Like you are in a jam-packed meeting on Skype, and you want no interference or when the kids are a bed, and you dont want them to wake up so you can set the volume to a minimum. But at the same time, when you are expecting an extraordinary delivery, or you are waiting for someone special, you can set the volume to the maximum. Thanks to the four different volume levels in TeckNet wireless doorbell that range from 25 dB to 85 dB, which gives you full access when to ring out loud and when not to.

How it works - Now its time to discuss the steps on how to synchronise a wireless doorbell. In order to sync the transmitter and the receiver, you have to push the receivers chime control button, and then do the same on the transmitter button. This action should sync the transmitter with the receiver. The chime unit plugs into a mains socket, so can be used anywhere there is a socket in the home; move it with you where you go, for example, if you are upstairs or a long way from the door.

The product has an excellent memory function for the sound and different chimes to select from the device. The chime unit has two volume button to adjust the loudness of the receiver also you get a free hand in where to put the receiver. Its like your doorbell can change places and can alert you from where you want it to.


  • To work efficiently, the receiver needs a power outlet of a minimum of 100 to 240V and operating current of 100mA. The receiver operates in the main power socket, but the transmitter can work in DC source so a battery of 12V/23A power would be an ideal choice from the market
  • The transmitter so well designed to get the best from Nickel-Cadmium cell and doesnt dry out too soon. The device works on battery consumption norms.
  • The product works in a frequency of about 433MHZ with fluctuation of 2MHertz. The weatherproofing of IP33 is also installed in the product.


The package comes with one TeckNet wireless doorbell, and one double-sided adhesive tape, two screws, two screw-joint couplings, one user manual and one warranty card. The pack contents almost everything that is needed to fix the doorbell.

TeckNet assembles all its product with way too much of care, and most get tried and tested before leaving to custom lines. The manufacturer makes sure no defective piece go out of the production line for sale. Still sometimes giving hundred per cent accuracy isnt possible every time for which the company compensates it with 18 months extended warranty. Just tell me one company who offers such a long-lasting warranty in its product. Apart from that, what makes TeckNet wireless doorbell to stand out of the line is its lifetime customer support service. Yes, you heard me correct your single purchase would earn you access to use the customer service for the whole of your lifetime.


TeckNet wireless doorbell is undoubtedly the fascinating product you ever would have seen. It has a vibrant design combined with superlative qualities to make it the best doorbell available in the market. Theres a blue LED flash in the receiver side which blinks every time someone presses the button on the transmitter side. Proper indication if the sound is low, for instance at night. Thanks to its IP33 technology on its exterior body, which makes it is invincible to any weather condition.

The receiver has a free hand which means you can literally plug your doorbell anywhere uh want. This flexibility makes it unique. The wide range of trending chimes to ring melodiously from the receiver is also a delight to hear which never makes you get bored of it. You can set and reset the volume according to your needs; it has got 4 volume adjustments from 25 to 85dB, which is loud to make a sound for the whole house. Its innovative memory function remembers all the chimes with accuracy and never cracks the music in the middle. TeckNet wireless transmitting button can be attached to the front door or anywhere you like either temporarily or permanently. For both the options, the adhesive tape and screws are provided in the box itself.

The product comes with 18 months of the extraordinary warranty period. Any problem in the period would be resolved instantly thats the company's policy. Alongside that, the company offers ensures a free gift to its consumer that you can call it anytime even after the warranty period gets over. No company have ever taken so much bolder steps to prove the quality of its product which TeckNet is doing and certainly would do the same in future.


tecknet waterproof plug in led wireless door bell chime kit w

TeckNet is putting a lot of efforts in its wireless doorbells and delivering it at a low price to the market. Apart from its stylish outlook, it surely does have some exciting features. And you can install it all by yourself in your home. The doorbell works correctly no matter how much distance the receiver is, and it wont break any link in its signal. A bright and audible sound is also promised by the company.

To sum it up who do we think or for what purpose should we buy this very product

  • It can be used in hospitals; it ideally suits there. The caretaker would have the receiver socketed next to her, and any ring from the patient's bed could get her an alert that someone needs help
  • Its an excellent gift for a house warming party. Yeah, what better then doorbell which they are going to use every day and remember who has presented them this beautiful piece of art. Also, its cost-friendly wont be a burden in your pocket
  • Moms can use it to either plug out the receiver or plug it somewhere else from where her kids wont wake up from the noise. For extra assurance, she can also adjust the volume setting.
  • People who got irritated by the ding-dong monotony and wants to get a change from it. The TeckNet proposes as much as 32 different chimes to serve you and your purpose.
  • An older adult who cant hear the one time sound from the ringing bell can install it in their homes and set it to maximum 85dB so that they wont miss any of their visitors. They can also plug the receiver next to bed to get alarmed every time theres a visitor at the door.

TeckNet wireless doorbell ideally serves everyone's purpose, so what are you thinking. Don't you want to buy this product? Yes, you surely do, then place an order of happiness straight to your home.

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