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Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lock Review


Many products come to the market intending to be helpful to humankind and keep them secure. For this, many innovations are done, and many are on the verge of coming up. Taking about the number of increasing thefts in society makes people think for several times before they go out somewhere or on vacation. So to provide security to the house so that people can lead a comfortable life, Ultraloq UL3 BT is introduced in the market, which is now one of the most recommended product in the market.

Ultraloq UL3 BT is one such hardware device which has the 5-in-1 facility. It comes with a fingerprint and touch sensor. There are many more top-notch features that have proved it is worth related to market standards.

Product specifications:

The product specifications mentioned on top of the package is what the customer looks for in a product as these are unique for every device:

  • Item model number: Ultraloq UL3 BT
  • Dimensions of the product : 17.8 cm x 16 cm x 8.9 cm
  • Weight of the product: 2.72 kg
  • Scanning area : 0.9 x 0.7 inch
  • Resolution : 500 DPI
  • Identification mode: Fingerprint, Bluetooth 4.0 code
  • Colour available: Aged bronze, satin nickel, bright brass
  • The material of the product: Strong zinc alloy
  • Sensor wake up mode: Touch

Features which make Ultraloq UL3 BT a unique product:

It is provided with an amazing set of benefits which is rarely present in any present in any present in any product of the same style at much less cost. A quite competitive product which has marked its position in the market because of the following benefits:

  • 5-in-1 keyless smart lock: The only product and in fact world's first product which has the benefit of having five features in just code numbers, use of smartphones to unlock it easily by using the Bluetooth, knock on the phone for four times even when inside the pocket can unlock the door lock and lastly the key. The innovative step has brought out this product, which would make anyone go for it.
  • Fingerprint identifier with a touch sensor: Nowadays, a fingerprint identification pad is the best way to keep everything secure, being it a phone or a door lock. And this product has the most advanced fingerprint identification, which helps a person not to enter any password and can open with a touch. The touch sensor also has the anti-peep touch technology, which is advantageous as there is no fear of revealing the password in front of anyone using this feature.
  • Ultraloq App: An Ultraloq application needs to be installed on the phone by which a person can easily view the logs of who has entered the house at which time. Hence, this makes the security process more reliable.

ultraloq ul3 bt bluetooth enabled touchscreen keyless fingerprint smart lock

  • Reversible handle: It also has a reversible handle which can be beneficial to the customer as it can be handled based on choice.
  • Battery alarm: It uses three batteries, and this product claims to have a long battery life. And also a low battery indicator which can keep a person updated as to when the battery needs to be changed to prevent any difficulty from arising in future.

ultraloq ul3-bt bluetooth-enabled fingerprint smart lock


The Ultraloq UL3 BT gives a limited warranty along with lifetime mechanical as well as finish warranty along with the 18-month electronic damage done only for the original user. To know the details, the warranty rules and regulations need to be followed, which has clearly explained what is not covered in the warranty and how to file it.

It also has an auto-relock option. This unique feature makes it unique. The lock also comes with only a single latch which makes customer's work much more straightforward and accessible to use the product.

Important points to be noted:

Before installation, there are specific points that need to be kept in mind to install the device properly without any physical damage:

  • Try avoiding the use of power drill for installation instead of that the screwdriver can be in use, which is much safer to use than the drilling machine.
  • All the installation and the testing of the lock should be done keeping the door open so that the person fixing or setting up the product on the door is not locked inside.
  • In the case of a damaged product to fix it, before returning it to the store the customer needs to contact the customer support and clarify the damage done to know the correct procedure to avoid further damage to be done.
  • It is advised not to install the batteries before the lock is installed. You can find all this information in the user manual, and the given instructions need to be strictly followed.
  • If the lock has had an installation prior, then it should undergo a factory reset before it can go for a new installation on any other door.
  • Temperature plays a vital role as the lock is designed in such a way that it operates only at the specified temperature:
    • Outside lock body temperature range should be -35 to 70
    • Inside lock body temperature range should be -10 to 55

Step by step installation procedure of Ultraloq UL3 BT door locks:

One of the essential parts of a device life is it's installation as it is what decides the customer's satisfaction to a great extent. Following is the stepwise procedure to install the product:

  • When you think of the installation of the product, you should keep in mind that there are some of the preliminary things that you need to do. You should measure the dimensions of the door accurately and then think about the proportion of the hole that needs to be drilled. You can make use of the drill template which comes along with the box.
  • Then comes the installation of the latch and the strike where the lock is installed in the door. The only thing that is needed to keep in mind is that the latch angle should face the door jamb and then the strike keys are inserted.
  • The strike is then installed on the door frame, and it should be made sure that the bolt should properly be centred in the attack using the strike screws.
  • Before the lock is installed on the door, the screw needs to be loosened which holds the battery cover. Then the battery cover can be slid so that it can go up and then out. Following this, the inside mounting plate with gasket is removed from the back of the door side of that of the interior assembly.
  • Then the exterior assembly is installed. Then the wire is routed over the hole and plugged in the spindle. The interior mounting plate is installed after the exterior so that the surface secures it with the help of plate screws.
  • The cable is attached to that of the interior assembly circuit board, and then to connect to the slot, it is needed to line up the notches on the cable connector to slots on the PCB connector. Then the movable connector is pressed using the thumbs until completion. The interior assembly should be secured with set screws.
  • Then after this comes the installation of batteries and for this, it is needed to insert three AA alkaline batteries. Then after this, the battery slot is covered, and the screws are tightened.
  • The installation of the lever handles on that of the handle slots. After this, the mechanical procedure of the lock is followed by simply rotating it from inside. The bolt movement should be smooth without any obstruction because if the process is not stable, then the previous steps need to be adequately monitored.
  • In case the installation of the lever handle is in the wrong direction, it needs to be reinstalled. And to do this, a screwdriver is inserted into hole present in the handle & pushed correctly in and held for some time to pull out the lever handle.
  • In the end, the lock is tested to check if it is properly working and responding to the fingerprint and touch sensor.

Some of the benefits provided by Ultraloq UL3 BT:

  • The door can be easily unlocked by using our smart phone's Bluetooth, which easily connects even at low energy. By this method, one can easily open the door by having the Ultraloq App on that of the smartphone.
  • It comes with the most innovative and advanced technology that is the anti-peep touch screen technology, which consists of the 4-8 user-defined digit codes, which makes the password secure from any thefts.
  • It has one of the fastest fingerprint identification technologies. It counts even less than 0.5 seconds to identify a user. The technology works flawlessly for the locks making a customer go keyless without any tension.
  • A unique feature which does not need any fingerprint or touch technology as just a knock on the phone can easily open the lock. It can operate even if the phone is inside the pocket and quickly help one get inside.
  • It has also provided three mechanical hidden backup keys for helping the user to increase the security at the bottom of the door lock to save from theft in case of keyhole hackers.
  • Only at a single knock, the lock is activated and is ready for it to be operated. You can unlock the door with the use of a smartphone can open it, which can help a person never be locked up again.
  • It is provided with a benefit of battery life up to 1 year, and this is achieved by using 3 AA batteries, and the low battery indicator quickly displays the alarm on the app.
  • It is reliable as well resistant as it has a single piece zinc alloy body which makes it dustproof and waterproof at the same time.
  • The intuitive OLED display uses the touch technology, which adds or deletes the user on the device, which can take you throughout the whole process at many conveniences.
  • It also has three locking modes. The lock can easily auto-relock the door. It also gets a privacy lockout feature and a free passage mode. Al these state of the art and upmarket features make it the one of the most recommended product.


The most important method to keep a device work well with a long-lasting life can be done just by maintaining it. It can be done by keeping it clean and away from things which can easily cause damage to it and can be cleaned by using a dry clean cloth.

Some of the honest reviews from the customers:

  • The purchase is worth the price and is quite easy to use and acts as a complete package with great features.
  • Has the fastest fingerprint identification technology along with flawless Bluetooth and only four knocks which can easily open the door is a fantastic perk. The backlit keypad also gives the device a proper finish.
  • An innovative and well-designed device which is quite impressive and easy to install.

Conclusion on Ultraloq UL3 BT:

There might be many products available in the market from different brands, colour and design but Ultraloq UL3 BT is one such device which comes with some light colours which make it go well with the door colour. From the point of security, it has been developed with utmost attention & care to prove worth to humankind. People who have used it or are currently using say it to be one excellent product provided with all the necessary information a person needs to know regarding it. One can easily add an admin or delete it using the device, and also the log entry is available with the ability to make notes. These small innovative initiative has made Ultraloq UL3 BT one of the emerging product in the market. You can get this product from many online vendors and e-commerce stores quickly. As soon as you order, the product will be at your doorstep in the next couple of days.

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