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USA Made 8 ft Sliding Wood Barn Door Hardware Kit Review


With the advancing interior designing, people want to redecorate their house in every possible way. Wooden furnitures is anyway the other big thing people love to buy furniture from it. The mass-produced furnitures always has been the highlight for the home decorator. Right now, one of the trending ways of decorating or remodelling the house is by installing a sliding barn door. A single or pair of wood barn doors are a great way to add both functionality and style to a large doorway between rooms.

Since the medieval period we are surrounded by the sliding barn door but introducing in our hallways is the whole new concept. If you have check out the latest household magazines, you will get to know that sliding barn door are taking the market from it. They are the best decorative piece of art. Trust me a not they are the perfect decorative piece of art now. If you have white marbles, then the woody brown sliding barn door would enhance the glaze of your house three folds

For woodworkers, creating a set of barn doors is a relatively easy project. The desirability of sliding barn doors comes in part from their rustic look, which means simple construction from heavy-duty lumber. And if you dont want to build the door yourself, there areunfurnished sliding barn door kit that comes pre-drilled and fitted to simplify the process further. The functionality of these doors comes from the hardware, so choosing the right hangers and sliders can make the difference between success and failure when adding a new sliding barn door to your home.

wood sliding barn door

The Artisan Hardware is the best sliding barn door producer for a decade now. Their product has no comparison with other market valued cheap and inferior quality products. The wood you choose is the most essential part of preparing a sliding barn door. It needs to be the annual hardwood. The wood should be cut in the spring season because lesser bark is there at that time due to the annual ring formation. The inner part of any tree is hard while the outer is soft for which the industry should make sure the best comes out of it. Why a sliding barn instead of a standard door has a straightforward answer, a sliding door would cover half of the interface at a time and slide down to cover the other, and it looks stylish if you have a sliding door instead of a standard door. Have you been to those cool show-off kind of people who keeps showing up about how woody and antique sliding barn door has made their indoor designing look so good? I know showing off isn't right, but it feels perfect when you introduce people to the sliding barn door, and its antique look would defiantly grab some praises for you, and it would uplift your personality.

I know after reading the above paragraphs, you are getting impatient to bring one to your doorstep. But dont worry as I explained to you how important the sliding indoor barn door could be to your interior decorating I am also going to explain which brand has the name of best-producing sliding barn doors. A brand which has got the most positive feedback from customers all across the globe. A brand that only produce authentic items. A brand who uses the best material in its industry line up and a brand which you can trust for the durability of the product. If you want to get prepared from a local carpenter, he would mess it up with the size. You are a human its common to commit little error. But on the other hand, the industrial product produced by the Artisan Hardware is perfectly accurate to its size and wont leave even a little chance of error.

Today before buying anything we go through the details of the product, so below are the highlighted product details of the sliding barn door of Artisan Hardware

  • EASY INSTALLATION the product runs in the DIY norms. You wont need a carpenters appointment to get it fixed. The company not only claim it, but it has also worked on how to instruct people to get the sliding barn door gets fixed. Most of the details about installing are already given in the kit that comes from the industry, but some of the doubts always remain unclear. Artisan Hardware knew that now everyone has technology in their hand. So to communicate with people in a proper and also adding some practical video aids, Artisan Hardware walks out of the way from standard industries and creates a YouTube channel. So you can get instruct anytime sitting at your home and can watch it multiple times to know exactly how to do it. Not as the sliding barn door, in general, all the factory manufacture goods who claims DIY should use technology to instruct it. But rarely one-two companies do have that, means that much only cares for their customer and Artisan Hardware is one of them.
  • INDUSTRY MADE- the product is an industrial made style which means it is mass-produced hence the details the industry Artisan Hardware is concerned you wont get that anywhere else.

The look of the industrial production is just unmatchable it add the modern outlook to the classic rusty look. The industry promised that the product would shine the same way whether you use it indoor or outdoor

  • WHERE TO USE-A sliding barn door can be used in a variety of places. And when it comes from an industry like Artisan Hardware, you can pretty use it everywhere.
  1. It would be ideal for the households you can replace your traditional fibre or wood doors with this brand new Artisan Hardware sliding door barn. It best suits if you have a hallway that gets separated by two doors on either side then this product is for you.
  2. If you want to buy some doors for your office instead go for sliding barn doors, they would surely uplift your personality before the clients and leave a long-lasting impression on their head for sure.
  3. If you have a home office, then trust me, it would be the best choice for you. It would be a partition between your home and your office and would function as a perfect separation.
  4. If you are an interior designer, then this sliding barn door must be included in your catalogue and by which you would have something unique that others dont have.
  5. Hospitals it would be ideal for the doctors cabin, it would enhance charm than the regular doors. It can also be used in general cabins for patients.
  • ULTRA DURABLE- if you are purchasing a sliding barn door, you must be concern about its durability because its one heavy product and also be used for security purpose as well. Artisan Hardware as a brand has been a rank holder in producing highly durable products in the industrial chain. All its products are manufactured, taking proper care that the quality of the product wont get negotiated. One more thing that comes with the package is bearing wheels. Preparing best bearing is not only necessary but also very important because the whole door sits on it. The one problem which is pretty familiar with sliding doors is it resistive friction on the wheels which doesn't give enough room to it for pushing. But Artisan Hardware has also thought of it. They prepare the best Nylon bearing wheel which can support doors up to 400lbs which is remarkable. The next important thing in bikes is it needs to be smooth to slide and resistant free because the annoying cracking sound or difficulty in pulling and pushing would create a mess of whole other universe. For which the Artisan Hardware has introduced the Ultra Quite Smooth Roll which would make this beauty even more beautiful.
  • REACH US- The company is established in the USA and all its products are manufactured from the USA itself with an unmatched quality which it always promises and free customer service anytime you want. If you want to meet them physically, then you have to reach Kaysville in Utah where all the companys products are produced.
  • GUARANTEED SATISFACTION- Artisan Hardware Company may be the only one of its kind which guaranteed hundred per cent satisfaction. You must have heard fake labels of hundred per cent money back, but its the only industry that believes in all those and would take refund you your full amount if there is any quality issue. Apart from that, the company believes in its product, that's why it is so confident about its refund policy. One thing that has taken the legacy of the industry forward is its new highest quality powdered coat they apply on its product, which keeps it safe from all kind of chemical oxidations and microbial growth.
  • A SINGLE PIECE- if you order a sliding door of 8 feet from any other industrial body other than the Artisan Hardware they would send you two pieces of 4 feet each, and it will complicate the setup process, and it wouldn't be as strong as a single piece. Artisan Hardware is the only company that is capable of delivering a unique 8 feet large bit right to your doorway.

reclaimed wood sliding barn door

Now the company is offering a significant discount on its product so you better dont miss it as it is a limited period offer and can run out anytime soon. They are also confident to deliver the product at your doorstep within a span of as minimum as 24 hrs. If you desire to buy that product, it can reach you by the next day get it installed and share your happiness with your family members. As the product gets shipped via UPS ground so NO extra delivery charges. Thats a delight right getting an 8 feet tall wooden sliding door at your place with no additional custom delivery charges. -

Technical details- The item weighs 21 pounds. Usage can be either commercial or residential. The material is wood and metal.


Artisan Hardware brings you the 8 feet tall single piece black colour sliding barn door. The product is pre-drilled consisting of two classes hangers with Nylon wheels spacer and lag bolts of 2 stops. The product is highly durable, and the bearing wheels are tough enough to hold up to 400lbs and would slide without any resistance. The outer body is dark and rusty and looks classy alongside giving you personality advantage of installing it in your modern homes. It fits perfectly and comes with pure accuracy. If you place an order now, it will get delivered to you in less than 24 hrs. Above that, there are no hidden extra delivery charges the delivery is completely free.

The Artisan Hardware claims a hundred per cent money-back guarantee if there is an issue with the quality of the product; hence, you can keep your trust in it. The product has a perfect outer coating of the highest quality powdered coat, which increases its longevity till eternity.

jeld-wen 84 in. rustic unfinished wood barn door with sliding door hardware kit


If you are getting into a new place and need some doors for hallways, try Artisan Hardware sliding barn door instead they are the perfect of its kind.

We always want to come it in a single piece, but due to stress in delivery it is generally split in half and then delivered, but thats not the case with Artisan Hardware they provide the full product in the single-piece it lags bolt and fits like magic. You would get mesmerized when you put a sliding door in your place that works efficiently and wont give you the headache of its quality.

If you are having second thoughts, think it this way how beautiful your home would look when you install a sliding door which serves in quality looks classy and works professionally. A slight push can make it slide easily. After all this anyone would get desperate to buy it, are you as well? If yes then you would be even more happy to know it doesn't charge a penny for the delivery.

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