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WIFI Smart Video Doorbell, Wireless Door bell with Ding Dong 720P HD Security Camera Review


Preventing intruders in the house stand difficult in this world with a growth rate of property crimes. Protective measures are now essential at all means to at least have a sense of protection against the burglars out there. Look out for WIFI Smart Video Doorbell, Wireless Doorbell with Ding Dong 720P HD Security Camera Intercom Door Real-Time Two-Way Talk and Video, Night Vision, PIR Motion Detection and App Control for IOS Android. It is known as the best home security device in todays date. It functions on WIFI and does not need any hard wires all over the house. It allows you to see the person standing on the other side of the door. You can recognize the person and let them in or interrogate the strangers and send them back from the door itself. You will receive the video footage on to your mobile application, which will be a real-time video without any delay. The benefit of having access through cellular phone is that you can also keep track of intruders or strangers when you are out on vacation. You can also collaborate the wireless video doorbell with other smart locks. The installation procedure is really easy without any complications. The mobile application is the primary source of action for this device.

Perks of WIFI smart video doorbells

Smart video doorbells are the new generation of security assistance for all homeowners. It comes with many power loaded feature, delivering the best benefits of all time. Considering all the benefits that it can give, the price remains cheap. Here are some of the common benefits that you will receive on installing WIFI smart video doorbells.

  • Saves you from theft- The rate of property crime is increasing by a crime in every 3.3 seconds. In this world, you need to get a sense of security for your family and your belongings. When a thief spots a camera on the front door will step back off the idea of breaking in. It is so because they will get the fear of being caught after the video will be checked for footage. You can keep track of the real-time video even when you are not at home. If the thieves decide not to break n through the door, still their footage will be recorded as they have to pass your front door to reach your windows or backdoors.
  • Proof of crime scenes- The footage that is being recorded form the smart WIFI video doorbell can be mostly used as the footage to catch the thieves and the goons out there. It is possible that the crime scene is not your house but something on the traffic in front of your home. It will help the police to identify the suspect and stop crime faster. This idea of installing a video doorbell must be implemented by all households to prevent the probable locations of crime. The goons, burglars and thieves will fear to do evil in the thought of being caught due to cameras everywhere. Make sure you have placed the camera at an angle in which the face of the people is visible. The installation of the camera is not only beneficial for you but also for your neighbours to feel secure.
  • Keeps track of people visiting your house- Monitor the number of people entering your home at a single time. The 166-Degree Wide Angle Lens captures increases the range of the view that enables you to check a big group of men or women visiting your house. For example, if a big group of maintenance personnel are coming in your home for repair, you can see faces of all men and ask them their identification through two way talking feature. Validate and record their identities on recorded stream and then decide on allowing them to come in. You can drive them away if you are alone at home and do not want a group of persons working at that time.
  • Track home delivery agents- Whether it is the newspaper vendor delivering your paper or your milkman dropping by your milk packets, you can track everything. You can check on if your item has arrived and go collect it. When your food delivery comes, you can check for if the delivery boy is friendly or not if you feel like you can open the door to them or ask them to leave the box on the doorstep. Being too familiar and opening doors to almost everyone increase the chance of you being robbed. Any updates that come to your doorstep will give a ping to your cell phone.
  • Scan visitors at your doorstep- The smart WIFI video doorbell allows you to treat strangers as strangers. You can interrogate them before opening your doors to them. Ask them their identity, their name and the purpose of visit before anything else. Check for any suspicious tool or thing in their hands secretly and act accordingly. Do not open doors to strangers in just one go. You have all the rights to scan them properly until satisfied and then let them in.

baytek wifi wireless smart video doorbell

Advanced Features of Smart WIFI video doorbells

The design of this smart WIFI video doorbell uses many-advanced technologies. Here are some of the advanced features of this device which will motivate you to make the purchase today.

  • You will get the real-time stream from your doorstep. Make sure you have installed the device in an angle in which the facial feature is visible on the screen. It also includes a night vision which automatically gets triggered during the night, and you do not need to switch between modes. With HD streaming, you can check the details of the things the person is carrying in their hands.
  • WIFI is the key to control this device. It does not use the old fashioned hard wires but WIFI connectivity instead. It is very responsive and records video in real-time without any delays. WIFI gives the user an easy to switch between the modes of the wireless doorbell, and there is no connectivity compliance with it.
  • It supports two-way audio system which enables you to talk to the person outside your door. Singing is the best way you can understand the purpose of strangers visiting your house. Interrogate the stranger as it is your right and record all the details on the stream and then decide on driving them in or out.
  • It also has a motion detection feature which enables it to switch through various motion zones to detect different motions. Make sure to calibrate it according to your pets as they can trigger the motion sensor very easily. You are given the option to toggle through motion zones in the device through the mobile application.
  • It has a wide camera angle lens which covers almost everything in your verandah. You will be able to check on everything happening in front of your door, your neighbours or on the roadways. You can now track the annoying kids who press the bell and runs to hide. If you find several people coming at once to your doorstep, you can now look at each of their faces taking their identification. You can drive them away if you do not want them to walk in when you are alone and ask them to come later.
  • Smart WIFI video doorbells experience a lot of wear and tear as they are the outdoor units. Therefore, they are made water and rain resistant along with the ability to withstand strong winds. In this way, the doorbell will have a long life and can tackle natural threats. Heavy rainfall or wind can also trigger the motion sensor of the device, so, therefore, preventive measures are also taken to control that.
  • Night vision visibility is one of the best features of this device as people prefer to buy the equipment for both day and night time security. You do not experience any clarity issues during the night as the IR night vision gives clear streaming. Not all the smart doorbell devices can guarantee the clarity of night vision in their equipment.
  • You can make a connection of the wireless doorbell with any operating system and any device such as mobile phones, laptops or tablets. It is compatible with both android and IOS. You can switch the alert system to laptops or bigger screens to get a full image of the person standing on your door.

The installation procedure of smart WIFI video doorbells

Here are some of the steps that you must consider while installing intelligent video doorbell in your house.

  • You can hardwire this doorbell o electric supply, but you must add given batteries for backup during the power cut. The batteries provided in the package are rechargeable and removable in case of a dead battery. It gives the homeowners an easy to charge even when it is mounted on the wall. The first step would be to load and install the batteries.
  • The second most crucial step is to get the application right to your mobile phone. There is a respective application for each model of smart WIFI video doorbells. The use is compatible with both apple and android devices. The app is going to control the device from the front-end by giving you all the alerts associated with the smart doorbell. The application enables you to talk to the visitors outside your house. Firstly you need to connect the form with the doorbell by switching on the button on the Wireless doorbell which will turn on its WIFI network. Go to your phone settings and connect to that network. Now open the application and select the model to complete the connection process. Before that, you need to sign up to the use by giving your name and a few other credentials.
  • Now you need to install the batteries to inch towards the final steps of installation. Connect the cells to the doorbell and turn it on. First, keep in mind to remove the attached faceplates before installing the batteries. Pull it down, and it will come out from the surface of the doorbell. Press the button to start the connectivity procedure.
  • Switch the circuit breaker of the old doorbell and then remove it. Now check for the drill holes whether they match with the holes in the new smart video doorbell. If not, then hold the intelligent doorbell on to the wall and mark the holes with a sharp object or a marker. Use an electric drill to drill the holes accurately. Call an expert for the job if you do not have an idea about drilling.
  • You need four screws to attach the Smart video doorbell to mount on the wall. You will find two small wires which you need to connect to the two screws available on the backside. It is not specified to place which wire to which screw so you can prefer going random on it. If the cables are small, then use extenders to make it reach out to the screws.
  • You can use wall anchors in case you wish to fir the doorbell on a brick or concrete. After you mount the device on to the wall, you can place the faceplates that are given in the kit. You will get more than one faceplate which you can interchange timely to get a new look.
  • Check all the above steps to execute the function correctly. Take a test run by asking your friend to stand out while you can check the alert on your application from inside the house.

Now, you have all the information about Awakingdemi Waterproof Smart Doorbell 720P HD WiFi Security Camera, Real-Time Two-Way Talk and Video, Night Vision, PIR Motion Detection and App Control for iOS, Android and Google. They provide clear 720p HD video and automatic day and night mode switch, which gives an ease of use to the owner.

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