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WIFI Video Doorbell, Wireless Smart Doorbell 720P HD Security Camera Review


The WIFI video doorbell is one must-to-have gadget in your house to prevent intruders in your house. The rate of property crime is increasing day by day, and protective measures are, therefore, essential. You must go for Wireless Smart Doorbell 720P HD Security Camera Intercom Door Real-Time Two-Way Talk and Video as it not only lets you know that someone is one the door but also lets you recognize the person. This smart doorbell also allows you to talk to the person on the other side of the door using your smartphone. You receive a high clarity live video footage running in your mobile app. You can also link the smart doorbell with other smart hubs and locks. The installation procedure is no rocket science as it is easy than you think. This device is definitely going to give easy living to all house owners. It adds security and also an appealing look to your house. The front door is the most targeted way for thieves to enter your house. Having a smart WIFI video doorbell reduces the risk of being theft. You can monitor your camera even when you are not at your home. It will help you call the police or inform neighbours to take immediate action.

Steps to install a WIFI video doorbell

Here are some of the steps that you must consider while installing smart video doorbell in your house.

  • You can think of hardwiring this doorbell, but you need to add batteries even then for backup. It is better to rely upon batteries than wires. The battery is rechargeable and removal. The easy to charge feature makes it one of the most available devices as charging is not at all complicated even when mounted on the wall. So, the first step of the installation is to charge the batteries and install it in the device. Connect the cells to the adapter and then when the red light appears that indicated the battery is fully charged.
  • The second step is to download the respective application on your mobile phone. It will be available for both android and apple devices. This application is the primary source of contact for the smart video doorbell. You will receive all the alerts on this app, and you can also talk to visitors by using the application. You will receive a live video running screen every time someone presses the doorbell. The procedure is quite easy as first; you need to connect the video doorbell to the application. Combining these two devices is easy as you have to make an account in the respective form. The app will prompt you to enter your name and a few other credentials. You will be then redirected to a page where you need to select the model of your wireless video doorbell. Now your mobile application is connected to your smart video doorbell.
  • The next step is to make installation of the battery and then finish the application set up soon after you connect the battery to the doorbell, wait for the device to turn on. If one of the faceplates that came along with the tool is attached, then consider removing it before you connect the batteries. You need to pull it down and keep it away from the doorbell and then install the battery. Press the button on the smart video doorbell and connect to its WIFI network on your phone. Now open the application and change to a local network to give a password to connect your device with the doorbell. The smart video doorbell is now online.
  • Remember to switch off the circuit breaker of your old wired doorbell and then remove it. As now you have almost installed the new smart doorbell, consider obliterating the old one. Remember that the device will give you motion detection along with living video streaming.
  • After you remove the old wired doorbell, you might wonder that the existing drill holes are enough to fit the new smart doorbell. At times the existing drill holes come to use, but for most of the time, they do not align with the new device. This step is to prepare the wall for completing the installation procedure. Smart video doorbell requires four screws to attach to the wall. Hold it against the wall in one hand and use a marker or a sharp tool to mark on the drilling spots. Make sure you are using an electric drill for the procedure. If you have no idea about drilling, then consider hiring a professional for the job. After you have done the drilling part, place the device on to the wall to check if the holes fit the device.
  • Now, you will find two small wires on the wireless video doorbell device. Connect it on the backside along with the two screws. There is no criterion for each wire to wind up against which screw so you can go random. If you find the wires are too small and not reachable to the screws, then use wire extenders to help it reach. Now do an overview if the wires are connected and then attach the device on to the mounting wall using the screws. You can also make use of wall anchors if you are installing the device on concrete or brick. You need to install a faceplate son after that which is available in the kit. You will get multiple faceplates of a different kind. You can change their time to get a new style.
  • The final step will be to check if all of the above steps are done correctly or not. Check every connection may it be the battery or the link with your app. You can now go to the circuit breaker panel and turn on the power for the doorbell wiring. Now go for a test round, ask your friend to stay out while you are inside and you can check whether it is working correctly or not.

It comes with 166-Degree Wide Angle Lens which gives a wide camera range capturing almost everyone outside. It is one of the best home security systems on which you can put your trust.

Features of Smart video doorbell

This smart video doorbell comes up with many features that will give you the best service. Here are some of the features which make it one of the best choices.

  • It gives you HD live video feed straight away from the doorstep. It has an IR night vision which allows it to give clear streaming as well as at night. The clear video will help you to identify the person properly whether he/she is carrying something suspicious with them. You can also check for the hidden surprise now as your husband is standing with it on your doorstep.
  • It functions entirely upon WIFI connection. The days of hard wires all over the house are gone. This is the future of home security. WIFI makes it easier to connect and switch between settings. It reduces maintenance efforts and has a long life.
  • You can hear and speak to anyone at your door from your phone by using the application. It supports two ways of audio. If a stranger rings the bell at your doorstep, you can now enquire all the details on a recorded stream and then decide whether to give access or not.
  • There are various motion zones available in this device, helping it to serve accurate motion detection. You can also customize the motion zones in this device. Make sure to customize it accordingly for your pets as they will trigger the motion sensors all the time.
  • It has a 166-Degree Wide Angle Lens that helps in giving a more comprehensive view of the doorstep. It is going to be difficult for everyone who hides after pressing the bell. If there is a large group of the maintenance team at your door, making it look scary, then you are able to see everyone's face as the benefit of the wide camera. Talk to them and then allow them in.
  • As smart video doorbell is an outdoor unit; therefore, it needs to be durable to withstand adverse weather conditions. It is made weather-resistant and waterproof to tackle possible threats. Heavy rainfall and wind must not damage or trigger the alert system of the device. Therefore, it is made resistant in order to survive natural threats.
  • You are getting the access of entirely bright night vision display without any interference. Not all wireless video doorbells have this feature of clear night vision. It is one of the essential elements which makes a customer purchase it.
  • It is compatible with the operating system of all devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops. As you get HD clarity, you can switch the alert to any device such as a laptop or tablet; you will receive clear video streaming at all means.

using a video doorbell v5 with ring

Advantages of Smart video doorbells

With the ease-of-use, smart doorbells come with many outstanding features enhancing the level of security. With all the benefits these devices have to offer, the cost is minimal, and within everyone's budget. Here are some of the benefits of using a smart video doorbell.

video doorbell v5 chime

  • Frightens the burglars- The increasing rate of property crime has given birth to these technologies. Every house with one or the other home security systems such as smart video doorbell prevents burglars from making an attempt to such houses. They get frightened when they spot a camera on the doorstep. They know that the footage can be recorded and used to catch them later. It increases the security level at your home.
  • Evidence of the crime- It becomes strong evidence of all possible crimes that take place whether in your house or in front of your door. It can be used by the police to protect the citizens of the city and arrest goons and burglars. If every house owner implements this idea, then the job of police officers will become a little easy. You can also use this as evidence to claim your house insurance in adverse situations. Even if someone tries to steal the camera, the footage of the same will also be recorded. You need to place the smart video doorbell in a position where it can capture the facial feature of the goon or the thief.
  • Monitors the traffic- It is beneficial in tracking the transport entering into your house. You can always keep track of children coming back from school or the arrival of a maintenance team. You can still communicate with the person outside the door to verify the identity before allowing them to enter the house.
  • Track the deliveries- Track the home deliveries of foods and goods. You will know when your newspaper vendor has dropped your paper or when your food delivery has arrived. You will be notified for any updates that happen in front of your doorstep.
  • Screen the visitors- The WIFI video doorbell helps you to check on strangers whether they have any surprise element hidden. You can ask them questions to know better about their identity, and then you can decide if you want to let them in or ask them to leave the package out there. You might not like opening doors to unknown people, so it is best for teenagers living alone in the house.

Now, you know everything about the Smart WIFI video doorbells along with their advantages. The value of your house increases with modern technologies embedded in it. IF you are looking for purchasing a house, then a house with the best home security system is going to be the best option. These devices have an automatic day and night mode switch, which keeps you free from the hassle of changing modes every time. If you are willing to buy the device for your home protection, then go for Smart Wireless WiFi Video Doorbell HD Security Camera with PIR Motion Detection Night Vision Two-Way Talk and Real-time Video Suitable etc. (Grey) (Video Door Bell). It is not only secure but also available in premium quality and durability.

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