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WINSOON Sliding Wood Barn Doors Lock Kit Review


Looking for a unique and stylish way to add privacy to your house? WINSOON Sliding Wood Barn Doors Lock kit is here to add privacy to your beautiful home interior. These are more convenient with easy installation processes providing more privacy to separate rooms in your houses. The world of best interior designs prefers barn doors as the prime construction tool. It depends upon you whether you wish to choose a hard material door or a simple one for your home dcor. They go along with all room types, including your bathroom. Believe it or not, but it suits the best with the bathroom. It gives a more premium look to the entire house. Be creative with installing WINSOON Sliding doors to separate the bathroom and the bedroom altogether. You will accomplish two jobs with one. There are lots of designs available for you to choose from. Your interior designer will suggest you different colours and textures to match it with your wall colours. If you are using it for your bathroom, then it is better to go with a retro design which will look rugged and classic. The use of wood brings out the raw colour giving it natural beauty. In this article, you will know everything about Sliding Wood barn windows.

Steps to Install the WINSOON Sliding Wood barn door

  • The first step will be to cross-check if you have correct sliding door hardware. Some of the necessary equipment includes 2 inches flat track made of steel, joining brackets, screws, spacers, lag bolts, hanger rollers and much more. The construction of the barn door includes tongue & groove planks of 3/2 inches that are kept intact with inches of horizontal and vertical stiles. It winds up giving frame thickness of 1-3/4 inches. The sliding door is straightforward to set up but requires precise understanding.
  • The next step is to make use of a mounting board. The mounting board is essential to support the barn door and hold the track on to the wall. You can go on and secure the mounting board by using spacers, lag bolts and anchors. Paint the mounting board with black colour and blunt around the edges to give it a more appealing look. You will need a mounting board of dimension 1"*4" which is slightly wider than the size of the track.
  • Now, you have to measure and assemble the entire steel surface to cut down the track. Use joining brackets to collect the road. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and then cut the road as per desirable length. Remember to cut the way in dimension double than the door width. It will allow you to make use of the entire door space. Proper assembly and measurement will lead to appropriate cut down of the track. Prcised measurement is required as mistakes cannot be rectified.
  • Now make holes in the track with accurate measurement. Use a metal drilling bit to do the job. Remember to drill the steel track as it will be fitted onto the wall and mounting board. Make a seat for the drilling bit by using a punch or an awl. It is done to prevent the drilling bit from slipping while drilling function. Keep the drilling area cool by using some oil as metal drilling can cause heating in the metal. It is the most important step as measurement counts as the essential job here. If you drill it in the wrong measurements, then the job will demand a do-over.
  • Now its time to install the spacers and the track on to the wall and mounting board. Measure the road and the system and fix it using lag bolts. Check for the levelling as improper levelling will prevent the barn doors from sliding,
  • The next step is to hang the door on to the hanger rollers. You will need the washers, nuts and carriage bolts to hang the door. Make use of socket wrench to tighten the joints. Join the bottom rollers as well with the help of another pair of hands.

You are good to go with these easy steps. Although it is complicated to understand once you start, you will find it easy. You need to know how to take measurements.

The need for a locking kit for sliding barn doors

Everybodys privacy needs to be respected whether you are using the lock kit for your bathroom or separate rooms. If you have children in your house, you will not want your kids to wander in some of the places. This is here WINSOON Sliding Wood Barn Doors Lock kit comes into play. Soon after installing your sliding doors, the next thing is to establish a lock latch. Free sliding barn doors without lock latch are not relevant for bathrooms or any other rooms unless you have small kids who tend to lock themselves up in a place. He WINSOON lock it is a teardrop lock latch that adds aesthetic functionality to the door. The lock latch here mounts to the jamb of the door to keep it shut.

You must choose the lock depending upon the type of barn door. Not all barn door types can prefer WINSOON's barn door lock kit. For example, you can attach a hook on to the wall to latch on to the door to attain privacy. But that is only to lock your door from one side, the lock it enables you to secure your barn doors from either side. WINSOON's lock kit is compatible mostly with all types of barn doors. It is necessary because the construction makes it look like there is a gap from behind, and it does not even lock. If a person wishes to peep in, they definitely can. Also, if they do not want to peek in, but the gap is too much to give them an accidental view compromising your privacy.

How to install WINSOONs barn doors lock kit?

There are two ways in which you can install the lock kit. One is by mounting on jamb and the other is by climbing on the door edge. You need to use wood screws for mounting the lock on to the wooden doors. You need to keep specific tools such as a cordless drill, spade bit, chisel and screwdriver for installation. The lock kit consists of a back, and front plate, two 11/16 inches washer, two 3/8inches washer, 8*1-1/4 inches screw and a strike plate.

Firstly take a flushed handle with WINSOON teardrop lock kit. You need to make some changes before you can add the lock to it. The framing of sliding barn doors will demand you to construct a handle on it before you can install a lock. You can either place it deep inside the barn door or use a wooden block to give it a dimensional effect. Cut out a section on your barn door that fits the handle. Take proper measurement of the handle and cut it down. You do not need to be artistic for cutting it down in straight lines. Use a router or a drill to cut the hole and then use a saw to finish the rough edges to get straight lines.

Now paint the cut area and then install the handle. Use nail gun and glue to tick it firmly on to the barn door. Add a small quantity of wood putty to make it even more robust. Now it is time to install the WINSOON lock kit which is also easier to install. You need to take out the given screws in the package. You do not need to make any more extra cuts in the barn doors. Call in your friend for an extra set of hands to help, but it is optional. Go on and mount the latch at the door side; it acts as a lock to the barn door. Keep the door close to the trim so that the latch can hold the door.
winsoon bypass barn door installation instructions

Benefits of Sliding barn doors with WINSOON lock kits attached on it

Sliding barn doors come with a lot of benefits and also give an appealing and modern look to your house. Without locks, the use of barn doors remains incomplete as it hampers the privacy. Installing a locking kit makes the function more efficient. Some of the benefits of having sliding barn doors with locks are:

  • Going ahead with modern renovations, you must not compromise on your privacy. The lock latches give you the privacy you want by blocking the peeping spaces. You can use individual tracks and hangers to provide more ease of installation.
  • Unlike, the opening of the sliding barn door does not obstruct the usable floor. It is best for small hallways and the tight crowd as it gives more space for people to wander. If you are using sliding doors for your bathroom, then locks will prevent it from accidental sliding.
  • Accidental sliding might create hassle while operating the switches on the walls and the power outlets. Accidental sliding might also damage the adapters connected to the power outlets. A lock is, therefore, necessary to hold the door when not in use and when you have to slide the door, free the power outlets and then slide it.

What are the complications that can arise with improper installation of lock kit?

winsoon 2pc soft close mechanism for sliding barn door hardware system black

Reinforcing WINSOON lock kit is easy to install, but improper installation might still make your privacy vulnerable. Here you will know about some of the common problems that originate in sliding barn doors and how to secure it.

  • At time improper installation might have loosely tightened screws which can crack open after few days of use. It might break the frame or the door which might cost you more while repairing
  • Another scenario could be the distance between the latch and the lock. If the installation person has kept it wide enough, then the latch would not entirely set on the lock which can be opened with a slight force. Replacing the lock will again be expensive as it will also damage the frame.

Now, you know all the information about WINSOON lock kit and sliding wood barn doors. The mounting tracks are adjustable with the wall studs. Make sure you do not fit it into the predrilled holes as it might cause misalignment. Mount a flush handle to provide better grip to the doors. The best advantages of sliding doors are that they do not demand an extra room to open and they are usually made soundproof. Hence it proves to be as the best private space for you. Sliding barn doors can be used for patio doors, office entrance and much more. Wood barn doors are also good insulators that maintain the temperature in the room. Along with all the advantages some disadvantages also make their way in such as insulating the wood barn doors is not that easy. You need professionals to work with it, and you also need to use WINSOON lock kits to seal the room in order to prevent the cold or hot air to escape the room. Wood barn sliding doors have a trail which attracts the dirt and dust that fades the colour of the door in the long run.

If you are willing to avail all the benefits of a wood barn door and the loc latches then purchase WINSOON's wood barn doors lock kit today to give privacy to the modern renovation techniques. The price is very minimal when compared to the number of benefits you get. Of you have already installed a wood barn door or planning on installing wood barn doors, then make your purchase for WINSOON's lock kit today. You will not want your kids to wander into your room at night. Privacy matters a lot, and this product is all you need today to add a bit of privacy to the modern architecture of today.

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