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YourBell MP3 Door Chime Review


Wireless doorbells are the new trend keeping aside the long wires and the basic chime options. Your Bells programmable doorbell is here to add a little bit of renovation to your house. It is made in the USA by BCS Ideas Corporation. A programmable doorbell system consists of a doorbell transmitter and a chime-box receiver. The operation is effortless as when a person hits the antenna outside the house, and it sends a signal to the receiver inside. It is capable of running on batteries and has electric connectivity. If you have a big house then having one receiver won't cover all the spaces. As you are given the benefit of using no wires, you can connect more than one chime receiver inside your house. The distance between the transmitter and receiver must be between 200 feet to 400 feet but if you have walls in between then reduce the gap to 50feet to 125 feet. Remember, if the barriers like walls or doors are metal, later it might hamper the receiver from receiving the signal. You need to act smart before purchasing Your Bell MP3 door chime by checking on any possible signal barrier in your property. The outdoor transmitter units are made waterproof to withstand adverse weather conditions.

Steps to install Your Bells Programmable Doorbell

If you have already made the purchase or wish to purchase, then you must be worrying about the installation. Believe it or not, there is nothing complex in it. Here is the step by step guide to help you guide through the installation procedure of wireless doorbell.

  • Firstly, identify the entry path and the placement location as that would be the initial step. You should plan it long before you make your purchase. It is so because some houses have more than one entryways which will eventually confuse you at the spot. Prefer the one from where you get most of your guests and fix your wireless bell transmitter there. Some of the wireless bell kits consist of more than one transmitter whereas some bells have just one transmitter. Pick up some more units of transmitters if you wish to fix it for all doors in your house.
  • Select the best wireless doorbell, and Your Bell has done this job for you right away. You can go ahead and check for all the possible pros and cons of this bell type. Have your research. To make it clear, Your Bell's wireless Bell works with the range of 500 feet to 1000 feet. These bells are loaded with latest features and also look appealing to your house. Look for the size of your property before purchasing a wireless door. Altogether your wireless doorbell must come with the best design, features that will suit your lifestyle.

yourbell mp3 door chime

  • Read the instruction manual properly to know the wireless doorbell after you made your purchase. Know all the functionalities of it such as the battery information of the transmitter. Does it has a micro SD card support or not? Check for whether it has mounting hardware to fix the door chimes and bells on to their respective places. Get ready along with some ape, screws and small tools that will count necessary during the whole installation process. Now you can go ahead and start the actual installation process.
  • Your Bell's wireless doorbells use the battery to power the transmitter. The batteries come along with the kit along with all the other small necessary tools. Some other tools that come up in the package are screws, tape and other items needed for installation. Now insert the battery on to the transmitter and turn it on. Now check for whether the receiver has removable or non-removable batteries. Install batteries on to the receiver if required. Make sure you check the specifications of the battery and insert it corrective to respective devices. Incorrect battery installation might create a problem.
  • The vital job comes up now. You need to sync the transmitter with the inside unit or receiver. The chimes have a control button which you need to press and at the same time, press the transmitter button. It is the easy process of syncing the transmitter with the indoor chime unit. Again, read the instructions to know which button to press for synchronizing transmitter and receiver. It is an essential step of all as the programmable doorbells use radio signals to transmit amongst each other. Syncing malfunction can cause the functionality of the doorbell to fail.
  • There is several chime sound available for you to choose from. You need to do it soon after your syncing process completes. Read the instructions to understand which button you can use for selecting the chime sound. Do not worry as it is easy to toggle through the different tunes available in the device. Choose your favourite one, and you are good to go.
  • Now you are inching towards the final installation steps. Finally, after all the setup is completed, it is time to mount the transmitter and receiver to their respective places. People find it complicated to install the wireless doorbell, but the process is straightforward. As you have already planned the location to mount the transmitter, go for it. Use the screws or double-sided tape to fix the antenna in the outdoors. There are detailed instructions in the manual on using materials to fix the wire. The tape is a natural alternative of installation, but using screws make it more secure. As your transmitter is placed outside, it will undergo rain, wind, heat and cold, so it is better to give additional security with screws. If you are about to replace an existing wired doorbell, then disconnect power and remove it first. Go ahead and cover the open wires and push them back inside the wall. Now place the new transmitter and screw it on to the holes available already. You can add multiple receivers to one transmitter or various transmitters to one receiver. You need to analyze your property and then decide on the number of units you require.
  • You must have already planned a feasible location for your receiver as well. Place your receiver and just plugin. Your Bell's wireless doorbells have special measures to avoid signal interference from neighbours' transmitter. The code is kept specific and unique. Follow the instruction manual to understand whether you have to set the system on an indoor or outdoor unit.
  • You have now completed the installation. Now, its time to test your new Your Bells Programmable doorbell. Stand outside near the transmitter and press the push button and if you hear the chime tune as you have set, then the installation is successful. If you do not understand the sound of the receiver, then there might be specific barriers obstructing the signal. Bring the receiver little closer to the transmitter to avoid signal barriers.

These are the quick and easy steps on how to install a wireless doorbell in your house.

Working of Your Bells Wireless Programmable doorbells

There is a lot more technology involved than just pressing the button and hearing the sound. Most people neglect to understand this part until the device becomes faulty. You need to know deep about the knowledge to fix it at the time it malfunctions. The simple technology of programmable doorbells includes radio signal transmitting. The receiver or the indoor unit receives the signal generated by the transmitter that supports an LED to glow and give the desired tune. Another technology that Your Bell's doorbell has is variable frequency. Variable frequency is essential to avoid signal interference with other transmitters nearby. There are no specific instructions on wiring; therefore, the circuit on either unit is delicate and must be taken care of during the installation process. Take proper care of the receiver or the chime box. If it falls, the circuit and the system might damage.

How can you choose the best wireless doorbell of all?

Choosing the best wireless programmable doorbell is just as it is going to be the first eye-catching amenity of your house for your guests. You doorbell must look appealing and at the same time function properly. Your Bells programmable doorbell is painted white and therefore goes along with all types of coloured walls. One of the best features of all wireless doorbell types is to provide security, long life and durability. They are wireless; you need not call out for an electrician in case of break down. IT follows a simple circuit dealing with radio signals. The easy wiring circuit makes it easy for almost anyone to finish the installation process.

Features of Your Bell's wireless doorbell

The transmitter holds a small battery that gives it the power to transmit radio waves. Here are some of the features that will help you decide on buying Your Bell's wireless doorbell.

  • This wireless doorbell system comes with portable speakers that would channel the sound of the chime. Place the speaker in the desired place in your house to hear the sound of the chime in every corner of the house.
  • The range of relieving the transmitted radio signal is also high. You need to keep aside the metal barriers such as walls or doors that might obstruct the transmission of the messages. Metal barriers and walls will not prevent the sound completely, but the quality will degrade.

programmable doorbell users manual

  • The pushbutton transmitter will be located outside; therefore, it is made durable to withstand adverse weather conditions. They are made heat and rain resistant to increase the life of the doorbell.
  • There are several chime tune options for you as some tunes might irritate you or other members in the family. Choose the best tune you think would be pleasant to hear to. Control the volume and keep it loud.
  • It has long battery life and therefore is widely preferable amongst all. Other programmable doorbells come with standard batteries that require replacement after regular intervals. The battery life of Your Bells doorbell is known for lasting longer than you can imagine. It also alarms you when the battery level decreases below a certain level.
  • You can also buy multiple units if you wish to use multiple receivers or transmitters depending upon your property size. Buy various electronics if you have more than one entrance to your house. Buy multiple receivers if your home is big and you want the chime to be audible to all corners.

Rules followed by the manufacturers of Your Bell

  • They have taken care of pricing without compromising on the built quality. If you look for other products available online, you will find the price of Your Bell doorbell in the mid-range. If you find cheaper doorbells, then you might have to compromise on quality.
  • They have a return policy in case of any damage or defect. You can check your doorbell after installation. If it is not loud enough, then you can ask for a replacement.
  • Your Bell's Programmable doorbell is loud and audible to all corners of the house. The manufacturers have made sure that you can expand the sound of your electronic chime. Not only from inside but the music is very much audible from outside as well. If the noise is not loud to the person ringing from outside, then they might think the Bell is faulty, which is not good.

Now, you know everything about Your Bells programmable doorbell. It comes with Honeywell RDWL917AX2000/E Series 9 Portable Wireless Doorbell which follows a simple wireless circuit. It is one of the best choices which you could make in the field of wireless doorbells. It is easy to install and repair in case of any malfunction. If you are willing to buy a wireless programmable doorbell, then prefer Your Bell's wireless doorbell to enjoy the top-class quality and an appealing look to your house.

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